Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

They came in airplanes, buses, cars, trains, with mobile homes and motorcycles, even private aviation were booked shortly. And on this Friday morning they could all assert them: they were there.

As Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday in the second leg of the Europa League quarter in front of 79,468 viewers at the FC Barcelona, “Captured” the guest fans the huge Camp NOU. Although only 4750 away tickets were available according to UEFA regulations (plus approx. 300 VIP cards), an estimated 25,000 Eintracht followers saw 3: 2-coup live in the stadium.

Barça President Laporta in explanatory note

Since then, the responsible persons of the FC Barcelona are still working on the European League out of something else: how could it happen that from their home – a away game became? Because numerous grandstands were full of loud, white-dressed Eintracht fans, the Barça appendix had even protested during the game and brought President Joan Laporta into explanatory note.

Because of the mignificant quota, which the UEFA usually grants in the Europapokal guest shortcuts, many SGE fans – truly not for the first time in the European Cup – endeavored early on other ways for tickets. While some friends, relatives and colleagues in Spain were commissioned with the ticket purchase or successful over Barça’s ticket partners “P1 Travel”, the majority used a few technical tricks.

On the official Barça website, tickets were available early on early, but to avoid “capers” – not for interested with German IP addresses and credit cards. So quickly talked about how an encrypted network connection and a suitable credit card can be set up, always associated with the hope of not being asked for a card before the stadium.

It also benefited from the Eintracht Annex in all creativity that the interest of home fans at a European League duel with the Bundesliga ninth held itself in limits. Even in the days and hours before the game, Barça continued to offer small quotas for a short time, but now too much increased prices – an indication that the club had suspected what would come from Germany to him.

Sensational EINTRACHT FRANKFURT Have Beaten Barcelona in Europa League |Bundesliga Season Highlights
On Thursday morning, he then experienced it close up: Hundreds of Eintracht fans were waiting for the day care funds, but the Catalans showed them against their announcement to offer 9000 tickets in this way. Justification: The game is sold out.

About all possible paths and channels have worried our fans tickets – up to the moment before the game.

Axel Hellmann

Nevertheless, almost every Frankfurter, who wanted to go to the stadium, seemed to actually be gained. Apparently, Barça members helped to resell their tickets before the Camp Nou on guest fans. “About all possible ways and channels have worried our fans tickets – up to the moment before the game,” said Eintracht Board spokesman Axel Hellmann, “I’ve seen himself how one has gone to a Barça fan and said: ‘ That’s the game of my life, please sell me your card. ‘ And that did the Barça fan. “

All paths lead to… Barcelona

And after this unforgettable evening then did not matter how much the return journey would fail. Some were ordered at an early stage overbooked direct connections flights to Morocco, Ireland or Czech Republic – they would probably have taken a detour via New Zealand.

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