Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The regular season of the first half was almost expired, because Bielefelds Fabian Kunze rose up in the midfield to extend the ball with his head, but Tanguy Nanzou jumped out extremely impetuous into him and hit him hard with the elbow at the head that Kunze after minutes of minutes had to be replaced.

It was already the third head injury of a Bielefelder player within a short time \ – and an action that Julian Nagelsmann moved to action.

Julian Nagelsmann Tactics Explained - Tactical Analysis

You have to learn as a bit more careful.

Julian Nagelsmann

“That’s a red card,” the coach of the Bayern opened openly and then sent in the direction of Nanzou after: “You have to learn as a bit more cautious. I’m already a coach who every now and then a small educational measure want to meet a young player. “

Yöllenbeck leaves it with a yellow card

For this reason Nagelsmann changed his defender at halftime and put on Josip Stanisic in the second round. That this exchange was even possible at all was exclusively because referees Matthias Jölenbeck Nanzous Rabient Ellenbogen use merely pointed to a yellow card – a decision that the ruthlessness of the foul match was in no way.

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