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A fan/protestor threw flyers before chaining herself to the basket during Grizzlies-Timberwolves ????
In the game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Minnesota Timberwolves there was a curious incident. In the second quarter, a woman chained to one of the two baskets and made for an interruption.

With this action, the woman wanted to protest against Glen Taylor, the owner of Minnesota Timberwolves. She carried a T-shirt with the lettering “Glen Taylor Roast Animals Alive”. Behind the action seems to be the animal welfare organization “Direct Action Everywhere”.

It is the second time in a row that a game of the Wolves had to be interrupted due to a fan protest. In the play-in game against L.A. Clippers, a woman had glued her hand on the court. Those Taylor is still owner of the Timberwolves, but will soon finally sell the franchise.

In the social media was spoken by the woman only as #gluegirl, she himself declared later that she wanted to point out the mass murder of chickens. Accordingly, at a farm in Iowa, the Taylor has to be killed 5.3 million chickens, since the bird flu had broken out there. For killing, a mixture of heat, steam and carbon dioxide was allegedly used to suffocate the animals.

According to Ros Gold-Onwude (espn) it was a woman who belongs to the same protest movement in Memphis. She brought a chain into the arena and used these to be attached to the basket line. The security forces at the FedEx Forum cracked the chain after a while and carried the woman with several men.

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Game 1 of the first-round matchup between the Wolves and Grizzlies could be continued after a brief interruption. Previously, according to _USA Today, the same woman had already thrown Flyer on the Court, which had also led to a short interruption.

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