Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

It was the second Derby defeat for the foals: On Saturday night, Borussia lost its own audience with 1: 3, the first leg in Cologne went 4-1 to the FC. After the second bankruptcy, which preceded a renewed performance, some VfL followers went to the club premises and wanted to talk about those responsible. At the office, however, this group was set by the emergency forces, as the police Mönchengladbach announced in the night of Sunday. The responsible Mönchengladbach confirmed the information.

Gladbach’s Media Director Aretz: “That’s unusual for us and long did not happen”

'Disgusted': Mayor, police chief condemn PPB protest training slide
After some representatives of the five-time German master as well as some players had set the discussions with the fans, the situation calmed down quickly, the danger of escalation was not. Then the followers left the club grounds again, the situation remained calm and was at any time under control. “That’s unusual for us and for a long time,” said media director Markus Aretz nevertheless. Because in entering the club grounds, three folders have been violated, and the team bus of the Cologne should also have been slightly damaged.

However, this does not change an overall positive course of the Rhenish derbysian – not only in the way, also in advance and during the game, the police had little objectionable. “The fans of both clubs have been able to behave peacefully and thus helped the focus of the football match on the field,” said the Mönchengladbach police who had to pronounce only a few criminal charges.

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