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The polar bears Berlin and the Grizzly’s Wolfsburg are in the del play-offs shortly before the semi-final. The defending champion Berlin succeeded on Tuesday 5: 1 at the Cologne sharks. The Grizzly’s Wolfsburg won also clearly 6: 2 in Bremerhaven.

In Cologne, Nationalstürmer Leo Pfäderl achieved 1: 0 leadership of the guests only 33 seconds, Dave McIntyre made for the short-term compensation (10th). The Berlin Defender Jonas Müller brought the polar bears again shortly before the end of the first third in front (19th), after which the sharks had no answer anymore. Dominik Bokk (26.), Matt White (40th) and again Müller (44.) achieved the other hits for significant success.

Also without fervom: Grizzly’s sovereign

Similarly, it ran in Bremerhaven: the early leadership hit of the Favorite from Wolfsburg by Anthony Rout (10th) Ross Mauermann countered two minutes later to 1: 1 (12th). Chris Desousa (34.), Julian Melchiori (37.), Darren Archibald (39.), Tyler Gaudet (41.) and Dominik Bittner (45.) caused clear conditions. Alex Friesen operation in the 52nd minute for fishtown only earnings cosmetics.

Even without a captain Sebastian Fürner, who was heavily hit the gang on Sunday at the 5-0 0, the Lower Saxony came to the clear success. Also in game three will not play the 39-year-old. “It’s too early to say if he’s going to play in the playoffs. I assume that he can return at the earliest at the end of next week,” said team doctor Axel Gänsslen: “He hurts the whole spine, in computer tomography But fortunately no breaks and bleeding discovered. “

Thus, both teams secured the second of three necessary quarterfinal victories. On Thursday Berlin and Wolfsburg can make the achievement of the grounding round perfect.

Routinier Barta brings the DEG on course

In the quarter-final series between the EHC Red Bull Munich and the Düsseldorf EG, on the other hand, after two games is 1: 1. The Munich had to be beaten away from 2: 3 away.

Thus, the 39-year-old Routinier Alexander Barta made enthusiastic spectators for the leadership of DEG (23.) before 6,809. The native Düsseldorf Philip Gogulla met in the 29th minute to compensate for Munich. Stephen Macauley (34.) And again Barta (39th), however, Düsseldorf brought on the winning course, defender Zach Redmond managed only the Munich connection goal (54th).

Pure tension in the Kurpfalz

Red Dead Redemption 2 - KKK Leader Fed To Grizzly Bear
In Mannheim, Taylor Leier achieved the leadership for the guests from Straubing (25th), Jordan Szkrarz marked – as in the first leg – the 1: 1 compensation of the hosts (34.). After 60 minutes, the game went to the Overtime: In the eighth minute of the extension, Nicolas Krämmer then hit the 2-1 winner for the Mannheimer.

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