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The Dallas Mavericks lost their starting game against Utah Jazz and await long-awaited to the return of Luka Doncic. On Sunday, Head Coach Jason Kidd gave an update to the health of Slovenes during training.

Doncic had injured himself in the last season game at the calf and therefore could not participate in the 93: 99 defeat against Utah. Meanwhile, he works again on the court, it was enough for some shooting drills. Whether the time is enough to play 2, but it is uncertain.

“Yesterday was another good day, and today he’s back on the court, so that’s a plus. And we’ll see how he feels tomorrow,” Kidd said to the present reporters. Doncic can not participate again on Team Training. He deals with weights, running and just shooting drills.

“If he can not play, we have to look forward,” Kidd said. “We have shown that in Game 1. If that happens in game 2, then that’s the way we have to go. Sport is just sometimes sometimes. Injuries come to the wrong time. Luke’s injury came to the wrong time, but That’s why we can not cry. “

Again, especially Jalen Brunson and Spencer Dinwiddie are asked, who already shouldered the openness of the Mavericks in Game 1. “We are all professionals and understand the situation. If he can play, that does not automatically mean that we win games, but we feel better when he plays. Hopefully he can return soon.”

Game 2 of the series also takes place in Dallas at night on Tuesday (2:30 am). For game 3 (Friday night at 3 o’clock) the series goes to Salt Lake City.

Luka Doncic IS BACK PRACTICING For Dallas Mavericks As He Could Play In Game 2 Against Utah Jazz

NBA playoffs – MAVs vs. Jazz: The series at a glance – 0: 1

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 16. April 19 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz 93:99
2 19. April 2.30 clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz
3 22. April 3 o’clock Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
4 23. April 10.30 pm Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
5 * 26. April TBD Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz
6 * 29. April TBD Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
7 * 1. May TBD Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz

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