Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

What a playoff kick-off! The first postseason weekend is rum and brought a lot of spectacles with them. Some questions have certainly accumulated for the latest edition of the NBA mailbag. What do you want to know?

Meanwhile, each team has completed a game in the playoffs 2022. In the east, the Heat has fed to its favorite status, the Celtics and Nets have delivered a cracker, while the Bucks had light problems. In the end, however, just like the Sixers, the first victory was.

Nba Playoffs game results april 17, 2022 | Playoff schedule April 18, 2022 | Nba Playoffs 2022

And in the west? Phoenix needed after a dominant first half of the power of the Point God to ward off the Pelicans comeback. The Wolves succeeded in a surprise that MAVs miss Luka Doncic and the Warriors did not give themselves against Denver.

But what fundamental questions are now pushing for the first playoff weekend? What do you want to know about us? For the next edition of the NBA mailbag you can ask your questions here!

This is very simple: either you writes into the comments about the questions about the playoffs 2022 (or beyond) or you turn to Ph_Jakob at Twitter.

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As usual, we answer a selection of the best questions at the end of the week here at mailbag in the NBA mailbag. In advance we already say thank you!

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