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Kevin Durant Postgame Interview - Game 1 | Nets vs Celtics | 2022 NBA Playoffs
After the victory of the Brooklyn Nets against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Bruce Brown let himself be carried away to address a battle announcement to the Boston Celtics. The like teammate Kevin Durant is not at all.

“That you do not have Robert Williams, is a huge thing. We can attack Daniel Theis and Al Horford inside,” Brown said when he was asked for a preview of the upcoming playoff series against the Celtics. By winning the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Play-In-Tournament, the Nets loosen your ticket for the playoffs as a 7-seater the Eastern Conference, now it is against the second placed Celtics.

Durant reacted irritated to this statement and, however, held, “These guys can do the same as Williams.” Then he added, “We respect our opponents. We do not have to talk about what we’ll do against them. I did not like it. We do not have to say such a shit.” Let’s just go out there and play. “

Playfully, Durant was probably very satisfied with Brown, who scored 18 points (8/19) and showing 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steads an all-around performance. Brown fell several times in a role as ball distributor, in which he started a 4-counter-3 after a pass of Durant or Kyrie Irving, if one of the superstars was doubled.

Durant also had praise for his teammates. “To defeat this team, we had to come into the zone, put boxouts and race back to the defense,” he said, emphasizing the performance of the Big Men in the team: “Drummond and Claxton have made the excellent and offered at the front. talk about how I defended the ring, but NIC stated the sound with five blocks. I only helped him. “

Kevin Durant as Playmaker: “On a higher level”

Even Durant conceded an extra, but Irving, who was with 34 points (12/15 FG) and 12 assists the man of the game was. “I do not know if many 2.08-meter players do what he does,” Irving said with a smile on his lips: “As often as he has the ball in his hand and throws for themselves and others. He looks over the defense, and when he fits the ball as today, that brings our game to a higher level. “

Immediately after the game still in the field Irving was asked what he saw as the reasons for the success of the Nets in recent weeks. “We went through a few highs and lows, but stayed together,” the 30-year-old answered.

Irving, who played from the Celtics from 2017 to 2019, also visited the upcoming series between the two teams: “I know this team very well and they know us very well, it will be a good back and forth as soon as the ball was thrown into the air, you will see spectacular basketball. “

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“Against Kyrie in a situation like March Madness, where it’s all about a game, is always difficult,” said Kevin Love, who has played with Irving together with the Cavaliers: “It’s just time when he comes to the field Totally grows beyond, and therefore he is a future Hall-of-Famer. “

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