Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

In the catacombs of the Bielefelder Schüco-Arena, Thomas Müller ran around the late Sunday afternoon, as most of the case, was perfectly around and waited patiently before he took almost ten minutes to the 3-0 victory in Bielefeld about the situation to speak at FC Bayern.

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Müller over…

… the mood after the Champions League out of Villarreal: “We had a bit too nibbling, which means a bit… Tuesday is an important part of our residual season went to the bises, you have to say that very clearly, For us it was enormous that we get the matchball. That can be an emotional highlight again _ (against Dortmund, note d. Red.) _, The situation you have not so often that you are against the direct Competitors in the home game can play the championship. Even though the pain was predominantly in the week, we can still create something historical. Accordingly, we are hot on it, we want to offer the fans something. “

He is funny and very far with the German language. It integrates totally, identifies with the club.

Müller about Nianzou

… the early season conclusion after the bounced trophy competitions: “The last days were difficult. In football and basically in life it is always about the next tasks, you have to focus again and again. In the Review we will always be in the Review Even annoy that we go out in the quarterfinals, but you have to accept things sometime, it must go on. “

… the matchball against Dortmund: “That would be a script. That can again be a great experience for us as a team, together with the fans. In the end it’s about the great moments, so that emotions go out and emotions with us and emotions To awaken at the spectators. “

… Tanguy Nanzou: “He has shown in recent weeks that he can keep up at the level, even in the game construction plays again and again good balls in the midfield. Tanguy is a great guy, down to earth and still engaged, is funny and Very far in the German language. He integrates itself totally, identifies with the club. At him we will have a lot of pleasure, even if he was of course very sad and unhappy today. “

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… the contract negotiations with FC Bayern: “De facto there is nothing to announce, but we are in good talks. Both sides want, and I believe that you will find a solution at the end of the day. How when, where: you will find out. _ (laughs) “_

… its own performance curve without scorer point since February: “The last games are scorerved rather thin. On Tuesday _ (against Villarreal, note d. Red.) _ The scorchance to the 2: 0… You also need the match luck. The mold curve was felt better in the first round. “

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