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The wet seeds are the most common object of collecting in the “Lost Ark”, but it is difficult to find them. Seeds resemble small fruits and have green. When the seeds are detected, wet glow. There is three Moofo seeds to search and collect on cradle of the sea fermata in North Sea Comment . All initial locations are shown below.

Where to find all the wet seeds on the cradle of the sea of Farmat in the Northern Plug Sea

When you know where to look for, Mokoko Seeds is easy to find. Their colors can go well, so be alert. At the average level of the ship there are two seeds of wet.

Cradle of The Sea Fermata All Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark
To find the northernmost seed of MOCO, go to the north red circle noted above. The wet seed is a green stain in the center of the pool. Go to the southernmost red circle To find the following seed wet. A pillar closes you a view of the seed wet, but you can clearly see the seed, if you are standing at the post.

The following wet seed is in the fourth level of the ship. Go to the place marked on the map above, and look behind the staircase this seed wet.

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