Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

On Saturday, the SSV Jahn Regensburg meets the Hamburger SV (2/2/3) for the eighth time in his club history. Although the Regensburger has been regularly playing against the red rothoses since 2018, the game for Jahn coach Mersad Selimbegovic is still a special: “For me it is still not normal for the Jahn to measure himself regularly with HSV,” says the chef coach At the press conference.

We still need to know that this league is more or less a gift for us.

Mersad Selimbegovic

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This view does not seem to share all followers of SSV. The stadium has not yet been fully utilized. The lounger according to the Bosnian but rather on the consequences of the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, he would be glad if the stadium is full: “We still have to know that this league is more or less a gift for us and that we look forward to every game. Against the HSV and the big all the more”, The 39-year-old explained.

Already with a counter, the Jahn would have reached the goal

After last three 1: 1-draw in a row, the Regensburgs who bought 39 meters brought to the HSV finally crack the 40-point mark. Whether this number is achieved with a victory or a draw seems to be quite unimportant to the coach. His team will “try to play on victory”, but also a draw could be “a good result”.

Given the promotion opportunities of the Hamburgers, the coach expect an “intense game than Rostock”. The HSV is a team “that his plan has mercilessly persecuted and has a lot of quality”. Nevertheless, he also sees a chance for his team in the risky playing style of the reds. “We will lurk on mistakes. The one, two chances we get, we need to use, otherwise it will be difficult,” Selimbegovic explained, who only has to do without Sarpreet Singh (pubic inflammation) in the home game.

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