Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Com2us was published on the 22nd, Com2us Global Content Literature, awarded awarded awarded housework.

Com2us has been holding the Com2u Global Content Literature award every year since 2018 to find excellent creative talent to lead to future games and content markets.

Last year, the competition focuses on a variety of contents, including webtoons, web novels, and feature fiction, including games, and a total of 400 out of the two sectors of the freedom and designation subjects. Com2us affiliates Kenaz, Gosknotieni participated in the examination, and 7 were selected based on the possibility of creating secondary creations, workability, and popularity.

20 Award Winning Books In 2021

The house was collaborated with the illustrator Kimsta, which is popular as a romantic picture. The label designed for a frame that symbolizes the official BI ‘open door’, designed to use your flower illustrations that is the target work, and the text can be seen in the text that expresses the worldview.

Meanwhile, Com2us has expanded the winners of the competition winners last year, and the prize money increased to 40 million won. In addition, the Com2us Metabus Platform ‘Comfortus’ has been set up to open the awards ceremony.

Details can be found on the official homepage of the competition.

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