Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Pokémon IR The last day of the community is here, with an approach in Pokémon Stufful of normal type / fight. Today’s community day brings some significant changes to the monthly event, since community day is now 3 hours instead of 6 hours for the first time in several years. While time will be reduced, Niantic expects to compensate this with additional bonuses and adding a new Pokémon to Pokémon IR – filling.

Stufful makes the day of the community this month a bit interesting, since the Pokémon did not appear previously in the game before it appeared on a day of the community. Not only will we get Stufful’s Shiny shape from the beginning, but we will also get a way to collect the 400 caramels necessary to make Stufful evolve to Bewear without too much difficulty.

Here is all you need to know about today. Pokémon go event.


Stufful Community Day – Schedule and date

The day of the Stufful community is carried out of 2 p. m. at 5 p. m., Local time, April 23.

Stufful Community Day – Exclusive movement

Any Stufful that evolves to Bewear will automatically have the Drain Punch loading movement. The main attractiveness of Drain Punch is that it increases the statistic of defense of its user at 1 level, which makes Bewear even more voluminous than before. It is difficult to say how necessary it will be Drain Punch to use Bewear competitively. Bewear already seems to be a niche Pokémon, and it seems that Drain Punch will be the most consistent movement of Pokémon. However, it will not make Bewear is too useful in PVP, and there are better fight-type Pokémon to use in incursions.

Stufful Community Day – Other Bonuses

Players get a ton of bonuses for Stufful’s Day, which include a 3x XP bonus for catching Pokémon, a double candy Pokémon by catching Pokémon, a greater chance of getting Stufful Candy XL if the players are at level 40 or higher. The typical bonuses of the day of the community of increased durations of lures and incens will also be activated. Players will also be able to perform an additional special exchange during the event (or up to two hours later) and exchanges during the same period of time will require less Stardust.

Like other community day events, Stufful Community Day will also have an improved Shiny rate for Stufful. Shiny Stufful has a distinctive orange coat compared to his usual pink coat. You can see a bright Stufful below:


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