Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Hoyoverse announced on the 25th that it will hold a limited event, “Desert,” in the reasoning simulation mobile game.

When HOYOVERSE Suddenly DROP THIS VERSION 2.7 Livestream Announcement In A Few Days - Genshin Impact

The “Desert call” event will be held from 29th to May 20th, and the story of the “Kai Mit”, a golden desert, along with the male protagonist.

Players can enjoy the main mission and sub tasks of the ‘Shadow of Resurrection’ in stages, and can open exploration contents in the Tomb of Ita.

In particular, by consuming energy to remove the soil, you can earn exploration experience and points, and as the exploration rating and ability increases, more various artifact missions can be performed.

At the same time, when you participate in the event and clear your mission, you can get an event of the event limited medium, “Echo of the Desert,” a limited invitation, “Vast Sand Desert,” and a four male protagonist.

In addition, the shadow of the goddess of the ‘Desert call’ event will be opened, and Kang Hyuk ‘Even at night’, Baek Eun -hoo ‘Hot Sound’, Yun Noah ‘Toward the Light’ The probability of acquiring SSR cards increases.

In addition, abundant events such as user return event and daily attendance check reward will be held.

Meanwhile, the Korea Operation Team of the US Resolution Division received a great response from the unsolved case community by holding a romantic scenario of Baek Eun -hu’s offline birthday event at a cafe in Nonhyeon -dong, Gangnam, Seoul for two days from 23rd to 24th.

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