Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The best Magdeburg thrower on Tuesday was Omar Ingi Magnusson with six goals, for Nantes Valero Rivera was also the most successful with six goals. The second leg will take place in Magdeburg next Tuesday.

The game started with misconceptions on both sides before Nantes took the lead after almost four minutes. Defending champion SCM lagged behind and aggressively against the aggressive 6-0 cover of the French (4: 7/15.). But even though goalkeeper Emil Nielsen held numerous litters, the SCM fought back (9: 10/24.), But two goals were behind at half -time.

Magdeburg came out of the break, led for the first time in the game at 14:13 (36th). The SCM remained faulty at the front and Nantes led again with three goals (16: 19/43.). Until the end, the defensive rows and misses shaped the game.

Kiko Loureiro: Carry On And Nova Era In Nantes-france

HBC Nantes – SC Magdeburg 25:28 (13:11)

Goals for Nantes: Rivera Folch (6), Minne (5), Monar (3), Balaguer Romeu (3), Portela (3), Briet (2), Pechmalbec (2), Ovnicek (1)
Tore for Magdeburg: Magnusson (6), Hornke (5), Mertens (4), Smits (3), Jensen (3), Kristjansson (2), O’Sullivan (2), Musche (1), Gullerud (1), Damgaard (1)
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