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The time has come! The NFL Draft 2022 is pending. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the first pick and unlike M nobody in the previous year, nobody really knows what they will do with it. And what happens then is completely open. And when will the first quarterback be drawn? NFL Game provides the answers to this in the live ticker.

The complete NFL Draft 2022 with all seven rounds can be seen live on Friday (2 a.m.) on three days. Secure a subscription now!

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NFL Draft 2021: The 1st round in the live ticker

8:10 p.m.: We start with a little news! According to ESPN, the New York Giants decided not to draw the option for the fifth year in the rookie contract of quarterback Daniel Jones. The option would have guaranteed the team’s Starting Quarterback $ 22.39 million for the next season. The 17th overall pick of the NFL draft 2019 now has a guarantee of $ 10.8 million for the 2023 season.

Before start:

It starts in a few hours!

Before start:

How could the first round go? We also have a certain idea there. It is best to look at our final Mock Draft from this week. And then let’s see how it really works – from 2 a.m. here in the live ticker!

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Keyword board. At this point, our NFL Game Big Board would be recommended to you with the 80 best players in this year’s draft class. Take a look at the mood so that you are well informed when the respective names of Commissioner Roger Goodell calls them up on the podium.

The 2022 NFL Draft is HERE | Philadelphia Eagles Draft

Before start:

Welcome to the NFL Draft 2022! Who goes to position 1, will the Jaguars make this pick themselves or find a trade partner and when is the first quarterback from board? You can find out everything here.

NFL Draft 2022: When does it start?

This year the NFL Draft 2022 starts on Friday at 2 a.m. CEST in Las Vegas/Nevada. The location is the Caesars Forum in Paradise/Nevada. Day 2 with round 2 and 3 starts on Saturday night at 1 a.m. The remaining rounds 4 to 7 finally rise on Saturday at 6 p.m. German. NFL Game accompanies you through the action in the live ticker on all three days.

The draft in Germany can be seen live on DAZN in nfl network , which can also be obtained via NFL Game Pass.

NFL Draft 2022: The order of the picks

This year the Jacksonville Jaguar is the first to pick. NFL Game offers the complete picking in overview.

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NFL Draft 2022: The order of the picks in round 1

Pick Team Balance of the pre -season
1 Jacksonville Jaguars 3-14
2 Detroit Lions 3-13-1
3 Houston Texans 4-13
4 New York Jets 4-13
5 New York Giants 4-13
6 Carolina Panthers 5-12
7 New York Giants (Via Chicago Bears) 6-11
8 Atlanta Falcons 7-10
9 Seattle Seahawks (via Denver Broncos) 7-10
10 New York Jets (via Seattle Seahawks) 7-10
11 Washington Commanders 7-10
12 Minnesota Vikings 8-9
13 Houston Texans (via Cleveland Browns) 8-9
14 Baltimore Ravens 8-9
15 Philadelphia Eagles (via Miami Dolphins) 9-8
16 New Orleans Saints (Via Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles) 9-8
17 Los Angeles Chargers 9-8
18 Philadelphia Eagles (Via New Orleans Saints) 9-8
19 New Orleans Saints (via Philadelphia Eagles) 9-8
20 Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7-1
21 New England Patriots 10-7
22 Green Bay Packers (via Las Vegas Raiders) 10-7
23 Arizona Cardinals 11-6
24 Dallas Cowboys 12-5
25 Buffalo Bills 11-6
26 Tennessee Titans 12-5
27 Tampa Bay Buccaners 13-4
28 Green Bay Packers 13-4
29 Kansas City Chiefs (via San Francisco 49ers) 10-7
30 Kansas City Chiefs 12-5
31 Cincinnati Bengals 10-7
32 Detroit Lions (via Los Angeles Rams) 12-5

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