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Serge Aubin let mildness. “You have to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal, but we have subsided. The momentum has switched to the Munichers and it was difficult to get it back,” said the coach of the Eisbären Berlin after the 3: 4 in the first play-off -Finals against the EHC Red Bull Munich. Despite the disappointment, the Canadian protected his team: “This is ice hockey. The players are human beings, not robots.”

The polar bears missed a perfect start to the DEL final on Friday evening. The defending champion played a three-goal lead. With a view to the second game of the best-of-five series on Sunday in Munich (3:15 p.m.), the polar bear coach is now hoping for learning effects from the opening defeat. “We will analyze the game, fix and continue the mistakes,” he said.

four -minute time penalty introduces the turn

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Aubin did not want to be excited that the Berliners had to contest the second encounter within 24 hours on Friday, after they had only qualified for the final round with a win in the fifth semi -final against the Adler Mannheim. Rather, a four -minute time penalty against attacker Kevin Clark was decisive for the turn of the Munich in favor of the Munich.

In the following Powerplay of Munich, the game flow was repeatedly disturbed by two long video evidence, after all, the guests scored their trend -setting first goal. “Through all the interruptions, we lost a bit of focus on the game,” said the Canadian.

Jackson: “It was crazy, I’m still shocked”

National player Jonas Müller also saw no physical reasons for the defeat against the Munich, who had already played their previous game on Sunday and had come to Berlin. “I think everyone was fit. We were ready to accelerate from the start and then scored the goals,” emphasized the 26 -year -old defender. “It was only a short phase in which we were really unfocused. We lost the pucks too easily and didn’t get out of our own third. It was located.”

Munich coach Don Jackson, on the other hand, was overjoyed after his team’s successful chase. “I’m proud of my players. It was a remarkable comeback. It was a bit crazy, I’m still a bit shocked,” he said. The 65-year-old American also tried to dampen the euphoria: “It was only a victory of three.

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