Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Inpokémon Go was introduced the next event which brings legendary Mega-Pokémon for the first time. We reveal you what is already known.

We will certainly show you what we understand about the event until now.

What is brand-new? Niantic now revealed that the next huge event will certainly begin on May 3rd. As a huge shock, the initial legendary Mega-Pokémon entered into have fun with this event-mega-Latias and mega-Latios.

Pokémon Air Adventure event-what occurs there?

When does that begin? The event begins on Tuesday, May 3rd and also is then active until May 10th.

A couple of concerns concerning the legendary Mega-Pokémon have so much continued to be open. This is just how instructors wonder in which raid difficulties you will certainly locate the new Pokémon. Dataminer have actually already found a new raid problem with its own egg, which possibly concerns legendary Mega-Pokémon. Exactly how this is executed is still open.

First MEGA LEGENDARIES are HERE! *Air Adventure* Event | Pokémon GO

What is in it? So much it is just understood that Mega-Latias and also Mega-Latios are a crucial part of the event.

The reality that the legendary Mega-Pokémon will enter into the game was dripped weeks back. Even then, Dataminer revealed that Mega-Kangama, Mega-Latios as well as Mega-Latias will certainly “quickly” end up being part of the Raids. The new mega kangama was released on April 29.

Inpokémon Go was introduced the next event as well as that brings legendary Mega-Pokémon for the initial time. Niantic currently announced that the following huge event will begin on May 3rd. The event starts on Tuesday, May 3rd as well as is then energetic up until May 10th. So far it is only recognized that Mega-Latias and also Mega-Latios are a crucial part of the event.

Since the details about the event as well as the new Pokémon can only be located on YouTube, we will certainly expect the details to be formally shared on the blog site in the close to future. We will certainly after that upgrade this post here with the new info for you.

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