Sun. May 28th, 2023

The Team of the Season (TOTS)-Promo has also been running in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT) since last Friday. And this took the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) Club Championship by Bevestor as an opportunity to present their very own selection.

In the style of the popular cards, the VBL has put together a total of eleven players on Twitter, which has shaped the Club Championship in the past playing time with top performance – and whose players are therefore of course with a 99 rating.

Best surprise when viewing the VBL tos: Umut ‘rblz_umut’ Gültekin from RB Leipzig is represented, but is not one of the three actors who are highlighted separately and are called “top performers of the VBLCC season”.

The reigning German individual champion had led his team to the final with 27 victories as the most successful player in the main round and finally with further successes to the German club championship.

‘Levyfinn’ and ‘Funino’ celebrate breakthroughs

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Instead, the focus is on Mustafa ‘XMusti19’ Cankal (FC St. Pauli), Riad ‘H96_riad’ Fazlija (Hannover 96) and Eren ‘Erenpyrz030’ Poyaz (Hertha BSC) – These three players had each course of the season at a community Choice enforced.

‘XMusti19’, who moved into the final with St. Pauli and finally lost 1: 7 against Leipzig, had been elected “Top Performer of the Final”. ‘H96_riad’ has been recognized as the best player in the first half of the season and ‘Erenpyrz030’ as the best player in the second half of the season.

Levy Finn ‘Levyfinn’ Rieck (Hansa Rostock) and Steffen ‘Funino’ Pöppe (Hamburger SV) also started as rather unknown names, but surprised with severe performances in the course of the season and now also received the nomination for the dead.

The more established players include the other players: Timo ‘Timox’ Siep (FC Ingolstadt 04), Antonio ‘Antonio Radelja’ Radelja (1. FC Nürnberg), Ali ‘Predatorfifa’ Oskoui Rad (SV Werder Bremen), Burak ‘Burak__May ‘May (1. FC Heidenheim) and Tim’ Thestrxnger ‘Katnawatos (1. FC Köln), who had at least reached the play-offs with their teams.

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