Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Oliver Glasner tried to save himself from the somewhat unpleasant situation with a joke. “My last words to the players were: take care that you don’t hurt. And congratulates Leverkusen after the game,” said Eintracht Frankfurt coach ironically.

No, he added seriously, of course you shouldn’t be accused of his team that the Bundesliga game was reduced to Bayer Leverkusen at 0: 2 (0: 1). That was also felt. But in a fairly unimportant game before an extremely important encounter, Eintracht simply lacked the tension. And also the staff on the pitch. The view was obviously already directed at Thursday: Then after the 2-1 in London against West Ham United for the final entry in the Europa League.

“It was seen in the line -up that the game on Thursday was absolutely priority,” said Glasner. “We wanted to have the last Thursday and probably play this Thursday, leave a maximum of 45 minutes on the pitch. We took this consideration. This is unusual for the Bundesliga. But in the Bundesliga we can no longer achieve a starting place for Europe and On Thursday it is about the first final in the final after more than 40 years. That’s why it was right, and I am entitled to. “

The preparation for the game was the same as usual, “except that we were in a full closure for two hours when we arrived”.

BINNEN 1️⃣ minuut is het al raak! | Samenvatting West Ham United - Eintracht Frankfurt

scarce defeat in seven years

The Eintracht fans did not seem to have any problems with this prioritization. They celebrated their team with “European Cup” chants. And nobody should have thought that it curiously, the scarce defeat had been with the fear opponent for seven years. “You have to give the boys a big thank you for their understanding,” said midfielder Timothy Chandler about the supporters. “You understand that it is not always so easy to change the switch. But you have sung for Thursday today.”

When Eintracht plays against West Ham, they will feel great sympathy from the league. Not only from Leverkusen’s goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky, who played for Frankfurt from 2015 to 2018. “I am again Eintracht fan on Thursday,” said the Finn. “I hope that we make the Champions League clear. And that we will see ourselves there after their European League victory.” Midfielder Robert Andrich agreed: “You can understand that you did it today. We hope that you will take it on Thursday.”

Champions League qualification in mind

Meanwhile, the Werkelf has the qualification for the Champions League in mind. In the event of a victory on Saturday in Hoffenheim, the remaining remaining doubts would have been removed on the penultimate matchday, Bayer could save itself the nerve game of a final against Freiburg. “That was our goal,” said Andrich. “We want to make it clear next week.”

And then he said goodbye to the journalists with the words: “I am expected in the cabin as a DJ.” That is doing “DJ Rob” really well, assured captain Hradecky: “He plays good music. Especially Ballermann music. This goes in my direction. Better than gangster rap.” You may be able to put on more party music in Leverkusen next Saturday.

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