Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

This year it looks very good for the actor _ Chris Pratt _ , since he has two brand new films on the horizon, _ Thor: love and thunder _ , and of course, J _urassic World: Dominion _ , where once more will have star papers. This relevance has been sufficient reason for a discredit campaign to be raised on him, and before this _ James Gunn _ He went out to defend him.

The user of _ twitter _ @a themeghanlodon _ is who revived the fervent desire to cancel Pratt, directly asking the production of _ Guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 _ And replacement A _ Patrick Wilson _ . This message came to the director _ James Gunn _ **, who assured that he could happen anything but this dismissal.

James Gunn DEFENDS Chris Pratt, Slams The Cancel Culture Mob! | He Will NEVER Be Replaced In The MCU

Why? For your invented and completely false beliefs about him? For something that someone else told you that it is not true? Chris Pratt will never be replaced as Star-Lord but, if ever it was, we would all go with him.

Here another message from the director:

I know the church I currently attend. You yes? (The answer is not, but you heard it from someone who heard him from someone who heard from someone who went to that church.

As is well known, _ Chris Pratt _ is a believer of the Christian religion, which is why many think that could link it with homophobic campaigns automatically. Something that the actor denied. However, he was put in the focus again thanks to a political support campaign, where comments arose that he at the time supported the campaign of _ Donald Trump _ .

Remember that _ Jurassic World: Dominion _ premieres next June 10 . Subsequently, _ Thor: love and thunder _ will do it on July 8 . Both only in cinemas.

Editor’s note : Any time when a known figure obtains relevance is quite dangerous, since certain controversial issues can be resumed as what happened with Chris Pratt. Although the unconditional support that his co -workers has given him is noted.

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