Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Minecraft’s The last update has expanded the nether, the strange biome filled with fire and lava. The update adds more biomes to the otherwise bland but immense location. It is an essential extension that gives more life to the game. The Nether has gone from a bland bioma with several.

All new Nether biomes

There are four new biomes added in Nether update, and renowned. Like the biomes of the main card, they each have their own resources, crowds and flora. Some of these biomes were released at the start of an instant update. The official minecraft wiki quickly cataloged the data.

With the official release of version 1.16 and the Nether update, the update notes also cover the different biomes in more detail.

Basalte deltas

All About the NETHER BIOMES in the 1.16 Minecraft Nether Update
Basalt deltas are a large volcanic biome with pieces of black stone, magma cubes and basalt. Basalt deltas are a bit like what we saw at the origin of the Nether, but divided in two and their own biome (the other half is the Nether Wastes). Nether fortresses have a chance to appear here, just like crowds like Ghasts and Striders.

Forest Crimson

The crimson forest is a completely new and entirely red biome. It is a thick forest of red mushrooms and vines. Here you will find zombie pigs, pigs, spiders and hoglines, as well as the potential of fortresses and bastions. If it is red, it’s probably here: Netherrack, Crimson Nylium, Crimson Stem, Nether Wart, and more.

Nether waste

Here is the nether we are used to: a sterile wasteland, lava flowing, with neutral zombie pigmen and ghasts that are walking there. With its stereotypical lava lake, it will not be very different from the first iteration of Nether. Netherrack, Glowstone, Soul Sand, Nether Ore and Nether Quartz are common blocks in the Nether Wastes. As this is a renowned version of the first Nether, it is not surprising that most of the resources are the same.

Soulsand valley

The Soulsand Valley is a misty blue biome composed of Soul Sand and Soul Soil. The main blocks of the Soulsand valley are, without surprise, Soul Sand, Soul Soil, Soul Fire, Netherrack, Lava, Gravel and Basalt. The crowds are on the scary side with Endermen, Ghasts and Skeletons that make this biome their house.

Forest distorted

The deformed forest is similar to the crimson forest, but in blue. The deformed forest is made up of deformed mushrooms, deformed warts, deformed nylium, Netherrack and projectors. Bastions and fortresses can appear in the distorted forest, but there are not many hostile monsters, which makes it relatively safe. The only hostile crowd is Endermen.

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