Mon. May 29th, 2023

The semi-finals in the Europa League on Thursday evening, of course, used Adi Hütter to visit his ex-club. Borussia’s trainer admits that he did not react ideally around his separation from Eintracht Frankfurt.

The Gladbach coach had “delighted” about the personal invitation to the semi -finals of the Eintracht against West Ham, as Hütter told on Friday. Of course, he not only used the trip to Frankfurt to observe the upcoming opponent, but also to put some things straight.

some statements were not correct

In an interview with Eintracht board member Axel Hellmann, Hütter admitted that there were “some statements that I regret”. For example, Hütter had said that when I switched from Frankfurt to Mönchengladbach, “only the color was changing. That was of course not right, so it was better to get a few things straight. It was also because the nerve costume is currently scratched Was “, said the football teacher.

According to Hütter, the departure from Eintracht self -critically, “that could have been better solved.” During his visit on Thursday evening, he only heard positive voices, but also knows: “Fans are certainly different” – so he is more likely to adapt to a frosty reception for Sunday.

At the same time, he emphasizes that the focus is not on his personal return to Frankfurt, but the comparison of his current team with the Europa League finalist, who will of course go into the Bundesliga game with a wide chest after moving into the final.

It is clear that my ex-clubs still have a place in my heart.

Adi Hütter

“It is quite difficult to assess how the team will present,” admits Hütter. “Oliver Glasner may be rotating, but also not excluded that he wants to leave his team in rhythm.” However, at least at night he had congratulated his colleague Glasner and goalkeeper Kevin Trapp on success. “It is clear, my ex-clubs still have a place in my heart.”

With the Borussia, the most important question is to clarify how Hütter occupies his midfield on Sunday. Manu Koné is missing after the tenth yellow card; Christoph Kramer, according to Hütter, is not an issue. The world champion hadn’t trained on Friday either.

Hütter und Bobic haben Eintracht Frankfurt nicht verstanden!

single -digit table position is the goal

In whatever line, for the foals, the last away game is also about getting into a good position in order to get a place in the upper half of the table in the end and thus ensure the “setting” that is always preached by Max Eberl. “Sure,” said Hütter, “that we are striving for two victories against Frankfurt and then against Hoffenheim to be single in the end.”

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