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Kevin-Prince Boateng disagreed with the previous analysis by Lothar Matthäus. Before his Sky interview, the veteran had heard how the German record national player had clearly criticized Hertha BSC’s performance in his 1-2 against Mainz. “I just heard Matthew, he knows everything,” said Boateng and added Schnippisch: “Everything was bad with us again.”

But: “On something I have to agree with him: we didn’t play well from behind. I wouldn’t talk the rest so badly,” said Boateng, who also found many other criticisms himself: “There was a lot of lacking what we in has awarded the last few weeks. We weren’t in the game today, from the first minute to the end, we weren’t fresh in our heads. “

Controversial Kevin Prince-Boateng in UGLY CLASH with his Hertha Berlin coach during training

Selke Contra Ittrich: “I like Patrick very much…”

His teammate Davie Selke also agreed. “We did not manage to show the performance as in the past few weeks, so the defeat was probably deserved,” said the center forward, who had ensured the interim compensation – and had met again in injury time. However, Referee Patrick Ittrich had refused to recognize this goal, since Selke had previously worked with both poor against Mainz defender Aaron, whereupon he had started the ground.

When viewing the TV pictures, Selke – as already in the game – got upset: “Oh come on, listen, honestly, that’s foul?” He asked, to answer directly: “This is not a foul in my eyes, he falls before. ” He had already informed Referee Ittrich in an interview after the final whistle. “I like Patrick very much, I told him that too,” the attacker initiated. “But I told him: If this is a foul, a center forward does eight more goals a year. I have to get freedom.”

Bobic contradicts Selke: “Unfortunately, I have to say that”

Hertha’s sports managing director saw it differently. “I just went to Patrick Ittrich and praised him for an excellent game,” said Fredi Bobic. “He was always right.” So also in the duel Selke against Aaron: “You shouldn’t go with both hands. You can work with one arm, but not push with two hands. Then you can whistle free kick, unfortunately I have to say that. Of course he sees (Selke, Anm. D. Red.) Different. If I had been in the situation as a striker, I would have seen it differently. But you can’t take two hands, it is so. “

Ittrich himself explained it similarly in the Sky interview: “I am very sure with my decision because I recognized it on the pitch so that it is pushed forward with both arms from behind. He gives himself an advantage and that is clearly foul for me, holding, pulling, always looks dollers than in slow motion, but on the square it was a 100 % decision for me. “

Ittrich was so sure that he had already whistled before Selke had even put the following header in the goal. This was no longer possible to prove a video. Ittrich then soberly and clearly reported on the conversation with the Hertha striker after the final whistle: “He says that would happen 1000 times. Of course that is nonsense.”

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