Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Two climbers in the football series in Italy have been determined.
The southern Italian club Us Lecce won 1-0 on Friday evening against Pordenone and is thus determined after 38 match days as a master of series B.
The club from the Southern Italian region of Apulia is thus recovering to the elite class again after 26 years.
The Lombardy Association of Cremonese also made the leap to second place and thus the climb.
The team from Cremona won 2-1 at Como and moved past Monza on the last matchday.
The club owned by Silvio Berlusconi lost 1-2 in Perugia.
Monza has to go to the playoffs, as well as Pisa, Brescia, Ascoli, Benevento and Perugia.
In the playoffs, the third and last climber is determined in Serie A.

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After relegation from Serie A, FC Crotone also had to descend directly from series B a year ago.
In addition, Alessandria and Pordenone have to go to the third class.

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