Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

With a 3-2 victory over FC St. Pauli, FC Schalke 04 made the return to the Bundesliga perfect. These are the voices for the S04 success:

Rouven Schröder, todays director FC Schalke 04: … about the promotion and return to the Football Bundesliga: “It feels like shock. It is incredible what happened today. Very big compliments to everyone in the club that Believed and supported the team. Everyone deserves to have this feeling. We are all overjoyed. From 0: 2 to 3: 2 – that’s exactly what we need. The boys all believed in it. Schalke 04 lives again. “

ROUVEN SCHRÖDER über die Trainerentscheidung | FC Schalke 04

Peter Knäbel, todays director FC Schalke 04: … about the ascent and return to the Bundesliga football: “There are no words, but only feelings. Great gratitude for this great backdrop, fans and the employees. And respect for the competition. The second division was and is a really horny league. It feels damn good. “

Danny Latza, Captain FC Schalke 04: … about the game and return to the Bundesliga football: “The game was really good. We said at halftime that we can definitely score three goals. We believed in ourselves all the time. We absolutely wanted it and we forced it. We dreamed of it. We make night the day today. Today everything doesn’t matter. We don’t end steeply today. “

Marius Bülter, FC Schalke 04: … about returning to the Bundesliga football: “It is incredible and you can’t describe it at all. It’s just cool.”

Mehmet Aydin, FC Schalke 04: … about the game and return to the Football Bundesliga: “It is very nice to celebrate with the fans. You can tell that we are a family. That of Expected. We gave what you expected from us. In the cabin we said that we were turning it. And we turned it. Quite simply. “

Dennis Marsch, goalkeeper FC St. Pauli: … to the game: “It is difficult to put into words. We delivered a horny first half with a good performance. The second half then started shit for us. After the penalty, things weren’t going well. “

Huub Stevens, former successful coach of Schalke 04 (before the game): … On the question of whether the Bundesliga descent was healing: “A descent is never good. But there were too many mercenaries in the team. No mercenaries fit on Schalke. You have now got a lot of good characters. “… About coach Mike Büskens: “Maik took the team and the team showed life. That led them to the first place. Maik is a man who preserves the culture of the association.”

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Youri Mulder, UEFA Cup winner in 1997 with Schalke 04 (before the game): … On the question of whether it will be a similarly big day today as in the cup victory in 1997: “We are certainly not, we are one A little nervous. But when it happens, it’s a historic day for Schalke. What the team did is insane. “… about Mike Büskens factor: “He has done something incredible. He has the quality to get the right feeling with the players. This level is often not just about tactics and technology. It’s also about character, that is Emotional and the head. He does that very well. “… on the question of whether the “Eurofighter” are lucky charms: “We are lucky charms, I assume that. We all keep our fingers crossed. It is important to have a positive feeling, it will work.”

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