Mon. May 29th, 2023

The German juniors controlled ball and opponents over the entire season. In the rare case of a bad pass, the ball was always quickly recaptured. EM host Bosnia-Herzegovina seemed overwhelmed by his opponent’s many ball shots.

The first chance for Germany was already in the first minute. Striker Marie Steiner was able to conquer the ball against the Bosnian goalkeeper Hejub, but then only hit the post (1st)

However, the Germans were initially unable to collect many other actions in the opposing penalty area. Whenever it got dangerous, the Bosnians got a foot in between. It was only really dangerous from a distance, but Blumenberg (22nd) and Sehitler (39th) both fail on the aluminum.

A half -time lead would have been more than deserved, especially because the Bosnian U 17 hardly got its own offensive actions. Through a good positional game, the German defenders were able to prevent attack efforts. Goalkeeper Altenburg didn’t have to intervene once.

Alber breaks the spell and ensures the final point

After a solo campaign, the midfielder Mara Alber, which was substitute at halftime, scored 1-0. It was not properly attacked in the sixteen and was unable to shoot (54.).

As a result, the DFB team wanted to further expand the lead, but the final was missing. Hejub clarified a hard shot from a short distance from Steiner (68.). The end of the end put the striking Alber again with a fantastic free kick gate from 23 meters. The strong goalkeeper Hejub had no chance against the soulful conclusion (88th).

Match broadcast 2022: GER W U19 v SUI W U17 (English commentary)
The German semi -final opponent will be determined this evening (8 p.m.). In the last game of Group B, France and Spain meet. Germany will play against the loser of this game on Thursday (May 12th).

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