Mon. May 29th, 2023

At some point the muscles no longer participated. Cramps plagued Micky van de Ven, who left the place in the 68th minute. Actually, after a long injury break, he was not yet intended for the starting eleven, but because left-back Jerome Roussillon in Cologne failed, VfL coach Florian Kohfeldt rely on the Dutchman in the defense chain. And that made it properly, won 78 percent of his duels. However, another number stabbed out – no other player was traveling as quickly as Van de Ven.

The speed measurement showed him 35.54 km/h. What is noteworthy for a 1.93 meter long defender who took the top of the Wolfsburg pace this season – the 21 -year -old promptly ranks 19th of the fastest players in the Bundesliga with defense colleague Maxence Lacroix. When he arrived in Wolfsburg, van de Ven had already talked about his strengths and announced: “I’m quick.”

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

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at Wolfsburg’s restart, van de Ven should play a larger role

Now this rapid signal of the defensive man shortly before the end of this season, which was mixed for him. Overall, after moving from the Dutch second division club FC Volendam to VfL, he played only four games, in Cologne he was in the starting XI for the first time as a left -back as a left -back. “I’m young and want to play,” said Van de Ven in October last year. His goal was: “Have many minutes, develop me.”

The former hardly worked behind the central defender trio Lacroix, Sebastiaan Bornauw and John Anthony Brooks, but the VfL managers still attest one step forward. However, the development was slowed down in early February by a serious muscle injury in the thigh. The season threatened, now Van de Ven is a little earlier and is supposed to play a larger role in the new season in the new season. Preferred in central defense, where left-footed Kontrahent Brooks leaves the club.

Steffen can probably look for new club

In Cologne, he demonstrated that van de Ven can also defend on the left. The fact that the election of Kohfeldt did not fell on Renato Steffen as a Roussillon replacement was another signal that the Swiss (contract by 2023) could look for a new club. Since his one-game suspension against Bielefeld (4: 0), Steffen has always been in the Wolfsburg line-up, but the 30-year-old has not been used since then.

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