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Do you want to make money in Final Fantasy XIV? We are here to give you a quick and more or less easy guide to getting a Gil.

The Final Fantasy MMORPG continues its massive growth among fans and non-fans of the wildly popular Square Enix saga. If you’ve recently joined this title, you may want to get a lot of money fast to progress better.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can be anyone, even rich, which has some advantages, as you can obsess over objects, armor, and other things without worrying about being Pelaoed. Therefore, we will provide some tips to accumulate good luck.

How to Make Money Quickly and Easily in Final Fantasy XIV

One of the easiest ways to make money is to take craft courses. Here you can craft food, armor, and valuable items like furniture.

If you want to get your hands on a Gil, your best bet is to craft the highest-tier items and see what they cost. Some can reach 100,000 Gil.

Remember, you can also invest in some necessary materials, which can be used to craft more valuable items. You’ll spend some money, but then you’ll recover it by selling what you’ve done.

You can also sell armor, find materials in high demand in crafts, and even speculate in FF XIV. Again, the best thing to do here is to check the market board to see when the prices of certain items will drop.

Another way to earn money is to complete the game’s weekly challenges, and quests, or use treasure maps to find lots of loot, although none of these will be as easy to obtain.

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