Sun. May 28th, 2023

In the end, Florian Kohfeldt brought nothing to his anticipation for the new season. Already on the day after the last matchday in the Bundesliga, VfL Wolfsburg separated from his coach – hardly anyone had expected that.

The Lower Saxony announced that the collaboration “mutually” ended. Despite the recently better results, the club leadership pulled the consequences of a messed up season, which began to participate in the Champions League and ended in the relegation battle.

The VfL responsible came together after the 2-2 (1: 2) against Master Bayern Munich and on Sunday to analyze the season and asked the coach to talk. The result: Kohfeldt has to go. “In trusting and honest conversations, we have agreed to end the cooperation,” said Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke.

The VfL leadership continued and intensified the analysis of the season. “We came to the realization that we would be exposed to a pressure situation from the start that would mean a burden too large for the team, coach and club,” said Schmadtke.

Kohfeldt, who followed Mark Van Bommel in autumn, at least didn’t make the impression after the last matchday of this Bundesliga season as if his job at VfL Wolfsburg could soon be over. On Saturday he sounded very different after the draw against Bavaria, euphoric about the preparations for the next season. “I am particularly looking forward to the start of the new season, so we want to regularly call up such services as in the second half,” he said.

Kohfeldt übernimmt Wolfsburg! Manchester in the mud! Sektion Radioverbot

Back Weinzierl and Hütter in focus?

It won’t come. For the Wolfsburgers, it is already the second change of coach in this VfL Wolfsburgy, completely missed season.

Already on Sunday, some names were having a successor through the area. Now Markus Weinzierl (Augsburg) or Adi Hütter (Gladbach) could also come into focus at VfL. It was announced by both coaches on Saturday that they will soon be without a club.

The current developments in Wolfsburg then surprise a little, since Kohfeldt stabilized the club somewhat after inconsistent results and led to the twelfth place in the table after the relegation battle.

Arnold strengthened Kohfeldt’s back

Both Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke and VfL Wolfsburgs director Marcel Schäfer have recently strengthened his back and spoke publicly about wanting to contest the next season with him.

“We regret this development and thank Florian Kohfeldt that he helped us in a difficult situation and took the right measures to ensure relegation,” said Schmadtke.

Wolfsburg’s long -running favorite Maximilian Arnold also strengthened Kohfeldt: “In the crucial situations, it was seen that we were there that we played football very differently.” But he also drew a critical conclusion of the season. “It was a very mixed season, we all cannot be satisfied,” said the 27-year-old. “If you see how many defeats we have in the account, that’s very, very bitter. This is one of the biggest points that we have to defensively” “

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