Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

The German basketball player Tibor Pleiß grabs with defending champion Anadolu Istanbul after the renewed triumph in the Euroleague.
At the Final Four in Belgrade, Istanbul won the semi -finals against Olympiakos Piraeus with 77:74 (42:43) and reached the final.
There, Pleiß meets FC Barcelona or Real Madrid on Saturday (7:00 p.m./Magenta player Tibor).

EuroLeague title memories: Olympiacos Piraeus

Pleiß came to eight points and seven rebounds in almost 20 minutes.
The Turk’s top scorer was Shane Larkin with 21 points.
In 2018/19 Istanbul failed in the final of ZSKA Moscow, in 2019/20 the final Four did not take place because of the Corona pandemic, 2020/21 Pleiß struck FC Barcelona with Anadolu in the final.

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