Sun. May 28th, 2023

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Christian Günter set priorities weeks ago. If he could vote, he would prefer the DFB Cup of a Champions League participation, said the Freiburg captain. A player and no financial officer spoke. Due to the entry fee alone, there is twelve million euros more in the premier class now missed by the Breisgauer than in the Europa League (3.63 million). The distributions from the market pool and the coefficient ranking are also significantly higher than in the second highest European Cup.

The Leipziger, which is already tried and tested in the premier class and therefore ranked in the ranking, can therefore plan as fourth with guaranteed revenue from the UEFA pots of 30 to 35 million. Sums, of which the sports club can only dream. Nevertheless, the currently successful DFB Cup season is also worthwhile. So far, 3.913 million euros have taken up, for the winner there were five million in pre -Pandemic times and for the second 3.7 million. The sums could now be a little lower, the DFB only calculates after receipt of all marketing proceeds.

remarkable figures for the SC

But also due to the special effect of the already secure around 7.5 cup millions, SC financial board member Oliver Leki is expecting a black zero this season with a planned total turnover between 110 and 120 million. This was not to be expected due to the re -pandemic restrictions again in the new stadium despite the larger potential for redemption. Remarkable figures after the SC for 2020/21, despite the massive Corona loss, had even shown a surplus of 9.8 million thanks to transfer income.

The Leipzig sales are, for example, triple, so the cup revenues are not as important as for Freiburg. It is much more important for the RB bosses who want to present the team in the USA in 2023, the prestige gain abroad through a cup victory. Especially since he gave up the home right in the Supercup against FC Bayern and thus in addition to additional income.

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