Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Before the final in the DFB Cup against SC Freiburg on Saturday (8:00 p.m.), RB Leipzig provided a shit storm with a controversial marketing campaign, which included a Formula 1 legend.

SC Freiburg - RB Leipzig 1-1 (2-4) Highlights | Bundesliga - 2021/2022
The sympathies are clearly distributed before the DFB Cup final between RB Leipzig and SC Freiburg. According to a representative survey by FANQ, 82.8 percent of fans are keeping their fan -to -pace from Fanq on behalf of the “SID”.

The decision of the Freiburg, not to release their own logo for a so -called “meeting scarf”, rate 62.6 percent of the “positive” to “very positive”.

Formula 1 icon holds Red Bull box in the camera

The background to the clear opinion is the still critical attitude in football Germany compared to the club from Leipzig as a marketing instrument of the Red Bull Group.

A video published on Friday before the final of the Saxons on Twitter was not impressed to dispel the fans’ concerns.

Numerous athletes from the Red Bull cosmos can be seen in the well-one-minute clip, which is overwritten with “Thanks for the great support” and “We are so incredibly hot for the final day” transmit the duel with Freiburg.

All wear clothes with striking sponsor logos of the shower manufacturer. Tennis star Dominik Thiem and Formula 1 icon David Coulthard keep a red bull can in the camera in their statements.

Shitstorm for RB Leipzig

The comments under the post are accordingly malicious and critical. “Your seriousness of this video? This really serves every hater 100%, advertising with the finest with people who nobody knows in football apart from the ex-f1 driver. Old Swede. that can be recognized as a RB supporter in the social network.

“The main thing is that the Red Bull Logo and the cans are nicely present in the camera! Finally, you will officially drop your mask! You are just a marketing construct!” Rumbles another Twitterer.

There is also talk of an “extremely unpleasant video” and an “internal commercial”.

In any case, RB Leipzig may not have won new sympathizers through the clip.


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