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Max Verstappen wins the Grand Prix of Spain ahead of teammate Sergio Perez. Ferrari pilot Charles Leclerc has to give up in the lead. The live ticker for reading.

World champion Max Verstappen has won the Grand Prix of Spain and leads the driver classification for the first time this season. In his third victory in a row, the Dutch benefited from his great rival Charles Leclerc, who had to put his Ferrari in the lead because of an engine damage.

After his 24th Formula 1 success, the fourth in the sixth race of the year, Red Bull Star Verstappen is six points ahead of Leclerc, whose home Grand Prix in Monaco is coming up next Sunday.

Second place on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Sunday went to Verstappen teammate Sergio Perez (Mexico), the British Mercedes pilot George Russell finished third.

Ex-world champion Sebastian Vettel finished eleven in Aston Martin, Haas-Pilot Mick Schumacher also missed the score in his 27th Formula 1 race as 14th.

Formula 1: Run at the GP of Spain – final score

round 66/66
1. | Stappen
2. | Perez
3. | Russell
4. | Sainz
5. | Hamilton
6. | Bottas
7. | Ocon

Formula 1: Max Verstappen wins GP in Barcelona – the live ticker for reading

Goodbye!: We say goodbye to a varied Spain Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Barcelona. It continues next week when the traditional race is in Monaco. We are also there again and wish you a nice Sunday!

Verstappen takes over the World Cup management: After the race in Barcelona, the World Cup leads. Max Verstappen leads the driver World Cup for the first time this year. The Dutchman has 110 points on his account. Leclerc has 104 points. Sergio Pérez is third with 85 points.

German drivers without points: The German drivers remained again in Barcelona after Miami without points. Sebastian Vettel had been able to catch up with a different strategy, but in the end it was not enough with eleventh place. With a two -stop at Haas, too, they had a lot of risk and were not rewarded. More than 14th place was not possible.

Mercedes reports back: Mercedes and George Russell and Lewis Hamilton were sure to be close to the competitor in the Red Bull and Ferrari today. Hamilton in particular is still likely to thank the strategists of his team today. After a crash in round 1 with Magnussen, the veteran was about to delete the sails and give up early. But he encouraged him to continue and take fifth place in Hamilton a good catch -up. “I gave everything I could. I am so proud to stand here, because the boys worked so hard,” said Russell in the interviews. “I am pleased that I was able to end the race on P3. That means many points for us. The last few rounds were very difficult, it was a pure struggle for survival.”

Verstappen benefits from Leclerc-Aus: Charles Leclerc had long looked as the safe winner of the race in Barcelona, but then the defect devil struck the Monegassen for the first time this season. With a defect in the Power Unit, Leclerc had to give up the race without a fight. Max Verstappen, on the other hand, brought the third win of the season. But it wasn’t easy for him either. First he caught a gust of wind, fell back two places and was also hindered by a bitchy DRS system when chase. “In the beginning I flew, I had a lot of tailwind. Then I was in the DRS train and tried to overtake, but the DRS did not always work,” said Verstappen in the first interview. “We had the strategy to get back and make our own races. A difficult beginning, but a good end! I tried to stay focused, which is not always easy.”

End race: The race on the Circuit de Catalunya has ended. Carlos Sainz takes fourth place in front of a home backdrop. Lewis Hamilton manages to take fifth place after the problems in the last rounds. Valtteri Bottas becomes sixth in front of Esteban Ocon, Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso. Yuki tsunoda completes the top ten. Sebastian Vettel ranks in eleven, Mick Schumacher is 14.

Formula 1: Run at the GP in Barcelona now in the LiveTicker – running end

Max Verstappen wins the race of the Spain Grand Prix: Max Verstappen is unimpressed by all of this and wins the third race of the season in a row! Sergio Pérez makes the day for the bulls as second. George Russell crosses the line as third.

Carlos Sainz overtaking maneuver: Carlos Sainz uses this directly and goes back past Hamilton. The distance then increases enormously.

Boxenfunk Lewis Hamilton: bad news for the Hamilton fans. “Lift and Coast Lewis”, Mercedes sparks the British. “Even if we have to give up the space. There is a risk of a DNF!” A little later, Russell also receives this info.

Sainz lurks on Hamilton: Carlos Sainz has not yet lost his fourth place. It lies within half a second ahead of Sainz.

No points for German drivers: For the German drivers, it is emerging that there will be no points today. Sebastian Vettel has to hope that someone from the top ten will fail, because the gap towards Tsunoda is too great as it is still on its own.

Five rounds: The race is slowly coming to an end and there are still five rounds that are to be completed. Only a failure can now cost Verstappen. Sergio Pérez’s second place should no longer be at risk.

Lewis Hamilton overtaking maneuver: Lewis Hamilton picks up fourth place! The Brit passes the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz. The Mercedes racing pace seems to be right again.

Overtaking maneuver by Sebastian Vettel: This time the German-German duel between Vettel and Schumacher goes to the stage without a collision. Vettel passes the Haas without any problems and is now eleventh.

Carlos Sainz overtaking maneuver: Carlos Sainz passes Valtteri Bottas and is now the new fourth. A little later, Hamilton also overtakes its early teammate. He will now try to attack Sainz again.

New best round of Sergio Pérez: Sergio Pérez sets a new round of rounds with a 1: 24.108 and brings the extra point back to the Red Bull camp

Overtaking maneuver by Yuki Tsunoda: Yuki Tsunoda does not stay with Mick Schumacher for long and has now also passed. Schumacher is now eleventh.

Overtaking maneuver from Fernando Alonso: Fernando Alonso has easy game against Mick Schumacher and passes the Haas without any problems. Yuki Tsunoda is also not far behind the German. Everything speaks for it as if Schumacher would stay without points today.

Boxing stop by Fernando Alonso: Fernando Alonso has easy game against Mick Schumacher and passes the Haas without any problems. Yuki Tsunoda is also not far behind the German. Everything speaks for it as if Schumacher would stay without points today.

Sergio Pérez pit stop: Sergio Pérez comes to the box and also makes a third stop. He gets soft and goes back on the track with a good cushion in front of Russell.

Overtaking maneuver by George Russell: George Russell passes Valtteri Bottas with the fresh tires and is now third again on the podium.

Lando Norris pit stop: Many drivers make another stop. Lando Norris was recently in it. He comes back on the track just before Schumacher. He will probably try to fight through two stops.

George Russell pit stop: George Russell comes to the box for a third stop. He gets a used soft and comes out in fourth place behind Valtteri Bottas.

New best round of Lewis Hamilton: and it happened! Hamilton drives the fastest race round and first takes away the extra point.

Will Hamilton become a Ferrari aid ?: Is Lewis Hamilton now again to help from Ferrari and still takes away the point for the fastest racing round?

Lewis Hamilton’s pit stop: Lewis Hamilton comes to the box and makes his last stop. It goes in seventh place on the track and after the race the Brit would probably thank its box. After all, after his crash, Hamilton actually wanted to give up the race at the beginning and only continued on the instruction of the team.

Overtaking maneuver by Max Verstappen: Red Bull brings the exchange of space behind him and Max Verstappen goes past the teammate to take the lead in the race.

Boxenfunk Sergio Pérez: This news was actually to be expected. Pérez is announced that he is on a different strategy. So you tell him hidden that he shouldn’t stand in the way of Verstappen. “Okay, but it’s not particularly fair,” replies the Mexican of his crew.

Case stop by Carlos Sainz: Carlos Sainz comes to the box and completes a third stop. There is a used sentence of the soft sentence with which you will now try to attack the fastest racing round.

Overtaking maneuver by Sebastian Vettel: Vettel, who is traveling on the fresh medium tires, overtakes Gasly in curve 1 with ease and takes place 13. However, the path towards the top ten is still far.

Warning for Hamilton: Lewis Hamilton is warned by the race management. He has disregarded the track limits too often. For him it is now a question, be careful, otherwise the punishment threatens.

Topping stop by Max Verstappen: “Box, Box!” Is the announcement to Max Verstappen. It goes in and back on the track with fresh medium. He comes back on the track before Russell and second behind teammate Pérez.

Sebastian Vettel pit stop: Sebastian Vettel comes to the box and makes his second stop. With used medium, it goes back to the route in 14th place.

Is there anything else in the direction of points?: for Mick Schumacher is still going towards points? The Haas pilot is still twelfth. Vettel should definitely fall behind after his stop and maybe some of the early stopper will have to go in again. Then he would have another chance

Overtaking maneuver from Lando Norris: Lando Norris makes short process in a duel with Vettel. He sits down next to the Germans and passes in curve 1.

Only Vettel without two stops: Only Sebastian Vettel is currently still without two stops. Of course, he will not drive through, of course, because it is mandatory to use two different tire types.

Sergio Pérez box stop: Sergio Pérez comes in from the top to his pit stop and hands over the lead to Verzen. Pérez comes back on the track for 17 seconds behind.

Vettel in eighth place: Sebastian Vettel is currently in eighth place in the rating, but the German has to come to his stop again. So far it has driven soft twice.

Sox stop by George Russell: George Russell avoids the ongoing duel with Verstappen and turns to his second stop. With fresh medium it goes back on the track.

Valtteri Bottas pit stop: Valtteri Bottas so far looks at a good race. After stopping, he arranged himself in the strong fifth place.

Topping stop from Lando Norris: Lando Norris turns and there is also the soft tires for the last stint.

Topping stop by Yuki Tsunoda: Yuki Tsunoda turns the next pilot for the second change. There is the soft and he sorts back in front of Alonso and Schumacher.

Punny for Pierre Gasly: Pierre Gasly is punished by the race management for the accident with Lance Stroll. There is a 5-second time penalty for the Frenchman.

Case stop by Carlos Sainz: Carlos Sainz comes in to his second pit stop. Mick Schumacher was also a long time at his tire change.

Overtaking maneuver by Max Verstappen: Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas ceases to exist and passes the competitor in the Alfa Romeo in curve! He is now third and will try to catch up with Russell with quick rounds.

Task of Guanyu Zhou: Guanyu Zhou is the next time to comply with loss of performance and is forced to the task.

Overtaking maneuver by Sergio Pérez: strong overtaking maneuver from Pérez! At the beginning of the 31st round, he slows past the competitor and takes the lead!

Pérez hunts Russell: Sergio Pérez is now the new hunter of George Russell and unlike Verstappen, the Mexican has so far not reported any DRS problems.

Schumacher is currently in the points: View of the two German pilots. Mick Schumacher is currently in the points. If he could hold this place, it would be the first points of his Formula 1 career. Vettel is currently 13.

Sox stop by Max Verstappen: At Red Bull you decide not to stay with a duel and are now trying to bring Verstappen by an undercut. Where is you back on the track. Fourth place just ahead of Sainz!

Lance Stroll accident: Dreher from Lance Stroll! Stroll and Gasly collide at the outcome of curve 1. The Aston Martin pilot is turned over, while Alphatauri defends the inner line.

Task of Charles Leclerc: The race is over for Leclerc! The Ferrari is pushed into the garage. Verstappen tries the next attack on the route, but Russell is back against it!

Defect at Charles Leclerc: What a drama! Charles Leclerc had such a big lead, now he suddenly becomes slower and is overtaken by Russell and Verstappen.

Boxing radio Sergio Pérez: Sergio Pérez does not give up so quickly. “Why don’t you leave me over?” He wants to know.

Boxenfunk Sergio Pérez: “Circows me out of my way, then I can overtake Russell,” says Sergio Pérez to the box. Sure, he is on a significantly fresher tire and is now stuck behind the teammate.

DRS hooks again: A round later the DRS hooks again. A matter that of course you can’t need in such a strenuous race.

Russell holds against it!: great racing! Verstappen passes Russell in curve 1, but it is on the ideal line, stops and comes back in curve 2. Side by side the two go to the next round. Russell keeps the front!

Lewis Hamilton’s pit stop: Lewis Hamilton comes to the box and makes his second stop. As a result, it goes back to the penultimate place.

Boxing radio Max Verstappen: At Max Verstappen, the DRS is still the name of the topic. “Only press the button once to the core,” the box wants from him.

Charles Leclerc pit stop: Now Charles Leclerc comes in for his pit stop. He remains the leading one and has five seconds ahead of Russell, who holds away Verstappen.

Overtaking maneuver by Mick Schumacher: Mick Schumacher works forward again in midfield and has just cut back twelve compared to Ricciardo.

Leclerc the beneficiary: beneficiary of the situation is of course Charles Leclerc. It has not stopped, but is sovereign 28 seconds ahead of his pursuers.

Boxenfunk Max Verstappen: “Why the hell do we not even manage to build a DRS that works,” complains Verstappen about his radio. Understandable, because this stipulates behind Russell.

Brief number for Verstappen: KLEP number for Max Verstappen. He almost lost the car with oversteer. But he can capture the racing again.

Sergio Pérez box stop: Sergio Pérez comes to the box…

Attack on Russell: This time the DRS opens and Max Verstappen tries the attack against Russell. But he stops against it and manages to keep Verstappen behind.

Esteban Ocon overtaking maneuver: Vettel is currently easy on his used tires. Esteban Ocon has little problems and passes the German. It was about seventh place.

DRS again on the bitch: But a little later the DRS is back to bitch. So of course overtaking is twice difficult in Barcelona.

Boxing radio Max Verstappen: This message should be happy to hear. The DRS system should now work again.

Valtteri Bottas pit stop: More and more drivers are completing their pit stop. Most recently, Valtteri Bottas was bent. Leclerc, Pérez and Vettel are not yet stopped.

Overtaking maneuver by Carlos Sainz: Carlos Sainz overtakes his former McLaren teammate and takes ninth place from Lando Norris.

Soxing stop by Max Verstappen: Max Verstappen and George Russell are also coming to the box. Mercedes stops properly and so Verstappen does not manage to go past the box. In ranks four and five it goes back on the track.

Mick Schumacher pit stop: The next pilots make their stops. Among them is Mick Schumacher. The stop does not fit optimally and he gets back on the track behind Daniel Ricciardo.

Boxing radio Max Verstappen: But there are also difficulties with the pursuers! Max Verstappen has problems with his DRS again. “Try it again,” the box sparks. But even now the DRS doesn’t work.

Boxing radio George Russell: With George Russell there are problems with cooling. The British asks if the warnings in his car were correct. “Yes, you have to cool the car,” confirms the box.

Sox stop by Daniel Ricciardo: The next group of drivers comes in to your pit stops. Ricciardo, Albon and Tsunoda were in the box.

Overtaking maneuver by Max Verstappen: At Red Bull you make the exchange of space and Verstappen is passed past the teammate. Russell spreads in front of it and stops the bulls. Leclerc is already a lead 9.9 seconds. The start phase could not have run better for him.

Case stop by Carlos Sainz: The first pit stops are pending. Carlos Sainz comes after his mistake relatively early and is now picking up the medium. Alonso, Gasly and Zhou have already changed.

Schumacher under pressure: Mick Schumacher is significantly under pressure. Lando Norris is only sent past the teammate and then repeats the German a little later.

Boxing radio Max Verstappen: The team suspects that a gust of wind was responsible for having flown in this curve. So it is a lot to be careful for the drivers. After two departures, they should be warned.

Yellow flag: What a drama! According to Sainz, 4 major problems in curve. It also carries him far into the gravel bed. He gets back on the track behind Russell and teammate Pérez.

Overtaking maneuver by Esteban Ocon: A lot going on in round seven! Esteban Ocon overtakes Mick Schumacher and takes over sixth place from the German.

Sainz in the gravel !: Carlos Sainz meanwhile ensures yellow flags! The Spaniard has oversteer, then slips into the gravel. He makes it back on the track, but is inattentive and almost almost overlooked Gasly.

Overtaking maneuver from Fernando Alonso: Fernando Alonso makes spectators cheer. He squeezes past the Aston Martin von Vettel in a close maneuver.

Vettel has to fight: It only goes into the sixth round and Sebastian Vettel already seems to have problems with his tire. In a duel with Fernando Alonso, he is visibly fighting.

Boxenfunk Lewis Hamilton: “I would rather pick up this engine, I’m sorry,” says Hamilton about team radio. The Brit would like to give up the race prematurely because it no longer sees a view of good places. However, Mercedes calls him on to continue. Points are still possible.

Overtaking maneuver by Esteban Ocon: Ocon makes a position well against Daniel Ricciardo and is now eighth. Mick Schumacher is now driving in front of him.

No examination necessary: The race management looked at the situation between Kevin Magnussen and Lewis Hamilton. There will be no punishment.

Charles Leclerc And Max Verstappen’s Epic Battle | 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix
Valtteri Bottas overtaking maneuver: For Mick Schumacher it goes backwards. Valtteri Bottas gets sixth place from the German Haas pilot in duel.

Leclerc with a small lead: Charles Leclerc has been able to get a small lead and is more than a second in front of Max Verstappen. Not unimportant if the DRS is unlocked.

Strong start from Schumacher: Mick Schumacher caught a really strong start. He was able to overtake two pilots at the start, and he also benefits from the Hamilton/Magnussen collision. Sixth place is currently available.

Lewis Hamilton’s pit stop: Lewis Hamilton has arrived in the box and changes to a soft tire. Magnussen has also been able to save himself from the gravel bed and is now coming in. He has the medium and he can continue.

Kevin Magnussen accident: Accident from Kevin Magnussen! The Dane comes into the enclosure with Lewis Hamilton in curve 4. The Haas flies into the gravel bed and stuck. Lewis Hamilton sneaks back to the box with tire sheep.

Start race: The traffic lights are over, the race in Barcelona has started! Charles Leclerc comes away well and can claim his place against Max Verstappen. Russell puts pressure behind it and it goes forward in third place!

Formula 1: Run at the GP in Barcelona now in the live ticker – start

Before the start: The field returns to the starting line -up. Now it doesn’t take long until the start of the race!

Before the start: The introductory round runs and Charles Leclerc leads the field over the route one last time before the start. Now it is time to bring the tires to the best operating window. Except for Lewis Hamilton, everyone starts the race on the soft. Hamilton wants to try to get forward with medium.

Before the start: The drivers can expect a heat battle in Barcelona. The route temperature is 49 degrees before the race, the air temperature is 36 degrees. Temperatures where the teams should quickly fight with the tires. There is no cloud in the sky. There is also a very strong wind.

Before the start: In the world championship championship, Charles Leclerc is at the top in Barcelona before the weekend. The Ferrari driver has 104 points on his account. Max has 19 points less. Sergio Pérez is third in the second Red Bull with 66 points, followed by George Russell (59 points) and Carlos Sainz (53 pts.).

Before the start: Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, is cut off. In the general overhauled Aston Martin, who caused many controversy, since the side boxes were considerably similar to those of the Red Bull, it was not much more than position 16. Lance Stroll starts in the second Aston Martin from place. have to go. He had qualified in 17th place, but changed parts at the Power Unit and is therefore in starting place 20.

Before the start: Mick Schumacher is still waiting for points this season. Today the starting point is almost never before, because for the first time the German has made it into the Q3. In the starting line -up, he is up to ten position today. Not a bad position when you consider that overtaking on the route in Spain is not an easy undertaking.

Before the start: Mercedes would also like to get involved again. Carlos Sainz finished third in qualifying, then George Russell lurks in the first Mercedes. Only then does Sergio Pérez follow in the second Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton is also in the front in position six.

Before the start: It should also be decisive for victory who can get along better with the tires. The Ferrari quickly broke down on Friday, and Saturday they showed better long grunts. Red Bull could have the decisive advantage in the fight for victory in Barcelona.

Before the start: After the detour to Miami it really starts with the European season in Formula 1. Some teams have new parts at the start, so that, for example, Mercedes looked better this weekend than at the beginning of the Year. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to go past the Ferraris and Red Bulls.

Before the start: it starts on the high -speed course Circuit de Catalunya at 3 p.m. German time. You don’t miss anything here.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the Grand Prix of Spain in Barcelona!

Formula 1: Run at the GP in Barcelona today on TV and livestream

In Germany, the Grand Prix of Spain cannot be seen on free TV. In this country, only pay TV broadcaster Sky broadcasts the race live. The spectacle can be seen from 1.30 p.m. on the channel Sky Sport F1 and on Sky Sport UHD high resolving.

The transfer is accompanied by commentator Sascha Roos and expert Timo Glock.

Sky also shows the race in the livestream – the service Sky Go is available for subscribers, other customers can use SkyTicket.

In Austria, Meanwhile, Orf1 shows the race live on free TV. The transmission there begins at 1.40 p.m. Commentator is Ernst Hausleitner, an expert is Alexander Wurz. Ferdinand Habsburg is available for the analyzes.

There is also a free livestream for Austrians in the ORF TVthek.

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Formula 1: Run at the GP in Barcelona – the starting line -up

WM leader Charles Leclerc starts in Barcelona from pole position, world champion Max Verstappen is next to him in the Starting Grid. Carlos Sainz, the second Ferrari driver, sees on the three and George Russell also surprisingly put his Mercedes in the second row. Meanwhile Mick Schumacher, who goes into the race in tenth place, made his best quality result.

Rank driver
1 Leclerc
2 Stappen
3 Sainz
4 Russell
5 Pérez
6 Hamilton
7 Bottas
8 Magnussen
9 Ricciardo
10 Schumacher
11 Norris
12 Ocon
13 Tsunoda
14 Gas
15 Zhou
16 Vettel
17 Alonso
18 Stroll
19 Albon
20 Latifi

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