Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

After 73 minutes, the wing striker had given the signal in the Olympic Stadium: nothing works anymore. With a bandage on the back thigh, he limp from the field after a short treatment, but the first suspicion of a possibly more serious muscle injury was not confirmed: Jatta is fit for the second leg on Monday evening. And a hope.

Again and again he demonstrated during the 1-0 success that he was a threat to the Bundesliga club, neither Maximilian Mittelstädt nor Marvin Plattenhardt could hold him in his breakthroughs. The old shortcoming also became visible: Jatta’s appearances are balancing hikes because he can bring the supporters and colleagues to rapture and despair within a few moments. His big plus: even in games in which he brings little to the end, he is indispensable with his willingness in reverse gear.

So Jatta is ready for Monday when the crucial step is to be taken to take the Bundesliga. “Still,” brakes keeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes, “is only half -time.” The 29-year-old’s recipe for the ascent: “We want to continue playing the second half at home.”

By Paulo

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