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Zach Lavine is one of the best players on the market in the upcoming offseason. As NBC Sports Chicago reports, a return of the two-time all-star to the Chicago Bulls is no longer certain.

For a long time, almost everyone expected Lavine to extend the Bulls, which their team converted in the past year and a half and have been doing their best season for years. But after the playoff-out against Milwaukee, Lavine already said that he would take his decision.

In the past few days, Lavar Ball, whose son Lonzo Lavines Backcourt partner is at the Bulls, heated the speculation, now the report says that Lavine’s return to the bulls is no longer the “slam dunk” was viewed. Some teams have already deposited their interest in the 27-year-old.

“At least four teams” – the Lakers, Mavericks, Blazers and Hawks – were mentioned in the report. Chicago expects Lavine to meet several teams in July and listen to their pitches in July. In the case of several of these teams, the cooperation of the Bulls would be necessary for a change, since space could only be created for lavine under the Salary Cap by sign and trade.

Zach Lavine: Does Chicago pay the maximum?

Meanwhile, Lavine can still offer chicago. The maximum would be five years and around $ 212 million. However, there are doubts as to whether the Bulls want to pay this sum, since on the one hand they would advance into the luxury tax area – only for the second time at all – and since Lavine, on the other hand, has to have an arthroscopic operation on the knee performed in the coming days.

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KC Johnson Reports LaVine Not A Slam Dunk To Return To Chicago Bulls!
The knee was bothered by Lavine about the large parts of the season, even if it was not structurally “damaged”. Nevertheless, the Swingman came out of the field on average 24.4 points over the season for average 24.4 points in quotas of 47.6 percent and 38.9 percent from the triple line.

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