Sun. May 28th, 2023

Poker, roulette or one-armed bandits, all of this leaves football professional Jakob Johnson cold.

“This is unlikely that I will go into the game hells,” said the newcomer of the Las Vegas Raiders from the professional league NFL in the current issue of “Johnson colds Illustrated”: “It would hurt too much in my heart if I lose my money.
The Swabian comes through. ”
The 27-year-old Stuttgarter switched to the club from the gaming metropolis after three years at the New England Patriots.
He does not want to succumb to the stimuli in the desert.
“I’ll walk through the bright streets, but I’m not a gambler,” said the fullback.
Instead, Johnson focuses on nature: “The Colorado River and the Grand Canyon are not far away. I really want to see everything.”

Robert Kraft Presents Jakob Johnson with 1,000 Snaps Ceremonial Football
From a Johnson colding point of view, he is “glad that I have accommodated a new team and that the Raiders give me a new chance,” said Johnson.

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