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For Queen’s “We Are The Champions” Marcelo offered the goddess a kiss on the cheek as well as maintained the trophy. He currently has method in this custom. Just around a month ago, Actual celebrated the 35th league title in the exact same area.

Lots of got on whatever that promised a better view, trees, circuit boxes, platforms of all kinds. While the team with train Carlo Ancelotti drove around the water fountain in the open double-decker bus, people supported with enthusiasm.

The group around the previous football world champion Toni Kroos came to the well-known Cibeles water fountain on Sunday evening, where they were expected by uncommonly large groups. Championss reporters stressed in the state TV broadcaster “RTVE” that they had actually rarely seen so several enthusiastic followers after a win in the Champions League.

There was no stopping when the group ventured out and also welcomed the followers from a platform running around the water fountain, thanked their fans as well as extended the Henkel spot.

For Queen’s “We Are The Champions” Marcelo provided the siren a kiss on the cheek and also maintained up the prize. Simply around a month back, Actual celebrated the 35th organization title in the same area.

A significant party after that took place well after 10:00 p.m. in the Bernabéu Stadium.

Real Madrid cheered tens of thousands of people at the success parade after the Champions Organization accomplishment in the Spanish capital.

At heat wave temperatures, individuals had been waiting on their heroes for hours. The state of mind was loosened up, lots of families got on the roadway.

Since the victory of the document winner in the premier course was rather unexpected, the enthusiasm might have been also greater than usual. The Brazilian captain Marcelo was the picked to embellish the rock goddess Kybele in the facility of the Cibeles water fountain with a fan scarf as well as a club flag.

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A huge party after that occurred well after 10:00 p.m. in the Bernabéu Arena. Around 60,000 club participants had open door. The gamers were honored individually at this party, as well as there was additionally a light program and a large fireworks.

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