Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

By summertime 2020, VfR Aalen’s young people teams experienced Kundru for eight years, after that he joined the U 19 of SSV Ulm in 1846. Last summer season he made the dive to the Spatzen regional league group, but after his contract he has now returned to his young people club. In Aalen, the 20-year-old demonstrator signs a functioning paper by summertime 2023.


I am extremely happy to be right here once more with my youth club, says Kundruweit, who will additionally play the number 14 in Aalen, about his return. Additionally, the discussions with the train and also those accountable had made a great feeling.

Wish to give players from the region a chance

VfR coach Tobias Cramer reported on really expert personal discussions with Kundruweit. He also noticed: We intend to offer the players of the area to whom Levin comes from provide themselves in the Regionalliga Südwest. Levin has a structural as well as hungry means of living football for his age, so we are extremely satisfied that he chose the trademark and also hope that he will certainly develop the group and also the club positively.

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