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It has been practically a year because Umut ‘Umut’ Gültekin was able to stretch the master covering of the Digital Bundesliga (VBL). The VBL Grand Final in 2021 was still held online, the Corona situation had actually not yet accepted an offline occasion last summertime.

In 2022 the beginning factor is various: The upcoming Grand Final on June fourth and 5th will certainly be performed in the Xpost place in Cologne, and also on the critical Sunday before viewers. The 32 ideal FIFA 22 gamers in Germany establish the brand-new VBL individual master in Swiss system and subsequent knockout stage.

title protector again as a top favorite

Gültekin himself explained his in 2015’s cross-console final challenger Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen and also Mustafa ‘XMusti19’ Cankal from FC St. Pauli on Tuesday at the online media round. The last has come to be Vice-Club Champion and also DFB Epokal champion with the Hamburgers in recent months.

As a top favorite not last as a result of his outstanding season in the VBL Club Championship as well as its most recent top 6 positioning in the Echampions League – Se, the defending champion will absolutely go into the race. ‘Umut’ occupies 7th place in the FGS position for the Zone Eastern Europe, which is the best-placed Grand final individual.

does ‘Dullenmike’ crowns the master this time around?

‘ Dullenmike’, in turn, is most likely to burn on the individual championship title like minimal other player: the German handling player defeated ‘umut’ as mentioned in last year’s last. In 2020, he lost the Xbox last against the later overall champion Yannic ‘Yannic0109’ from FC Augsburg, who did not participate in the Grand Final this year.

‘XMUSTI19’ & Co. on the favored radar

Also ‘Umut’ joked on Tuesday that ‘Dullenmike’ was the turn of its advancement this year. A brand-new edition of the Cross console final from 2021 was last taken into consideration reasonable in a double interview on the VBL web site, however both of them are still away.

Preventing a duplicity of the events, on the various other hand, have made the continuing to be 30 qualifiers ahead-just ‘XMusti19’. Across the country, the St. Pauli expert showed itself a strong constitution in the VBL Club Championship, as well as on the last weekend break in March he drove a lot of the specific triumphes of all gamers involved.

The favorites additionally consist of Timo ‘Timox’ Siep from FC Ingolstadt as well as Ali ‘Predatorfifa’ Oskoui Rad from SV Werder Bremen. ‘Timox’ narrowly missed out on the Grand Final of the Organization Championship with the Schanzern, in the normal season they had been available in 2nd location in the South-East department behind RB Leipzig.


even more duo warm for the 2nd title

VBL champ has actually not yet become Matthias ‘Stylo’. In the meantime, the several husband has even worked as a trainer of the German device in FIFA.

‘ Predatorfifa’ understood just how to encourage globally past the VBL Club Championship, and the Bremer was likewise certified for the current Echampions League final. There are also two other ex-individual master: Michael ‘Megabit’ Bittner and also Tim ‘Thestrxnger’ Katnawatos, who aim for the 2nd title like ‘Umut’.

‘Stylo’ comes to be an emphasis clan soloshow

The reality that he can additionally handle the controller at the highest possible level has actually shown Hietsch as component of the requiring play-offs. His coworkers ‘Moauba’ as well as Lukas ‘Sakul’ vonderheide did not have the ability to take this obstacle-‘ Stylo’ stood for the focus clan as the only gamer in the VBL Grand Final.

It ought to additionally be paid to a duo that had the ability to accentuate itself for the very first time in the past VBL Club Championship season: Kamal ‘FCSP_Kamal’ Kamboj from FC St. Pauli and Levy Finn ‘Levyfinn’ Rieck by Hansa Rostock. Both likewise offered mostly persuading looks in claimed last round.

500 viewers should create the mood

It will likewise be important apart from the always important type of the day, whoever gets along much better with the pressure and also offline circumstance. The DFL intends to welcome as much as 500 viewers in the XPOST in Cologne. It is hoped that this will be seen reside on site at the end of the period.

The VBL Grand Final will open up next Saturday at 12 p.m. with the very first of five rounds in the Swiss system, the last of these rounds and also the knockout stage including cross-console last will comply with on Sunday from 11.30 a.m. The new German FIFA individual master will certainly be selected after a vacation on Sunday night.

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