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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is a playing game in the role-playing genres created by Goat Games for Android and Apple iOS devices. In this adventure, you can collect the champions and set them as you wish, choosing their genealogies. Gather a team of the strongest fighters and see if you can repulse the evil trying to win the world.

If you are looking for free, you can find it with our codes Bloodline Heroes of Lithas List. If you do not know how to activate codes in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, you can find out how to do this, under the list of codes! Do not forget to add this page to the favorites by clicking Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by pressing the Add to bookmarks button on a mobile device.

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Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes

The last codes


Expensible codes

Frequently asked questions about Bloodline Heroes of Lithhas

How to activate codes

How to get more codes

Codes Bloodline Heroes of Lithhas

We have the latest working codes listed below for Bloodline Heroes of Lithhas. They can be exchanged for various awards that will help you improve your characters, purchase objects and much more. You will want to use them as soon as possible, because the validity of the codes expires after a certain period of time.

the last codes

BLD623 *-diamonds, coins and much more
Bldgol1 -Diamonds, coins and much more
BLDBLD -diamonds, coins and much more


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Expensity codes

  • Exhausted codes are not yet!

Frequently asked questions about Bloodline Heroes of Lithhas

how to activate codes

To activate codes in Bloodline Heroes of Lithhas, you just need to take the following steps:

  1. Open genealogy Heroes of Lithhas
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Touch the Sixtor buttons of the settings
  4. Scroll to the end of the settings and press the Redemption Code button.
  5. Enter the code in the text field
  6. Click the extinguish button to get a reward.

Be sure to introduce the codes exactly as they are listed in our post. If you do not, you can find that they will not work for you, which means that you may have introduced them incorrectly. However, after you call them, be sure to tell us if any of the codes does not work or its validity expired, and we will update the list as soon as possible!

how to get more codes

You can find codes as they are published on the official Facebook Bloodline Heroes of Lithhas. If you want to talk with other players, they have Discord, which you can join. We will track any new codes, so do not forget to go to this page to find out what has been added recently!

These are all codes that are currently available for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas! If you have found something that is not on our list, inform us of this in the comments, and we will add them immediately.

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