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The 3 tiny automobiles contend in the comparison with around 100 hp turbo fuel engines. The Skoda Fabia is still brand-new on the market, followed by the likewise fairly fresh Hyundai i20 and also the oldest in the triad, the Citroën C3. Has Skoda currently was successful in making the 4th generation of Fabia an all-rounder?

From the dimensions, the Fabia, which like its brother or sisters VW Polo and Seat Ibiza uses the Volkswagen Group Base MQB A0, has actually practically risen right into the next higher portable class segment. Regardless, it has grown all around. The reality that tiny cars and truck or better: Small portable. Is not a new message in itself, but the FABIA places 11.6 centimeters in size alone, a good 8 centimeters of the wheelbase and virtually 5 centimeters in the size.

ahead of the space readily available

Fabia inside: on request with electronic cockpit and automatic. Manufacturer

This and also has an excellent result compared to the precursor in the interior in the inside: the residents feel not only at the front, yet also well suited at the back, that indicates, on comfy, consequently long-distance and also broad sitting in front and also in the rear on a somewhat body-emphasis Bank. Even bigger guests do not get in head call with the headlining in the rear location. In addition to separate air vitality, features such as the center armrest, cellular phone owner as well as bags on the pole position back-rests including USB-C connections offer convenience.

Skoda Fabia: After the Citigo has been retired, he is the junior in the Skoda program. Supplier

Entry and also exit do not call for contortions, the doors fall fed up into the castle. Plastic is likewise available in front, but significantly updated by light weight aluminum and material elements. In the big baggage compartment with height-adjustable dirt, bracket and side pocket, the Fabia exemplary 380 litres (Hyundai i20 just fit 262 litres, Citroën C3 300 litres), the maximum of 1190 litres (i20 1075 liters, C3 922 liters). At the Skoda, the individual mores than happy about a nearly flat packing flooring and also fold-out protection of the packing edge.

The cockpit (electronic as well as variable for 420 euros surcharge) is fairly clear in the Fabia, the procedure is alleviated by classic switches. The climate setting is prepared separately. It is additionally meant for racks that the smart device tons in an inductive shell. It can mirror its web content on the 9.2-inch touchscreen by means of Android Car and also Apple CarPlay.

three times three-cylinder

Citro ën c3 pureetech 110 EAT6: displacement 1199 ccm, cylinder 3, power 81 kW/110 hp at 5500/min, torque 205 Nm at 1400/min, 6-speed automated, tip 193 kilometres/ h, 0-100 km/h in 11.2 sec, consumption basic 6.0 l/100 km, consumption examination 6.8 l/100 kilometres, size 4.04 m, width 1.83 m (with mirrors 2, 01 m), elevation 1.47 m, travel luggage compartment 300-922 L, weight 1165-1219 kg, rate from 24,940 euros.

The portable FABIA is once more also big when it involves driving impression: the chassis is masterfully collaborated, which can be seen on nearly all roadway surfaces. As stabilized as the Fabia flight and springtimes just a few in the competitive atmosphere. Above all, there are no undesirable body language significantly as well as likewise fast cornering can not harm Skoda’s smallest. Just one or the various other gross bump comes via to the occupants. The steering works soully as well as specifically, as well as the brakes that make their job especially well in teamwork with the wider 17-inch tires (depending upon the devices from 850 euros).

With the rates, Skoda cuts the most inexpensive among the three prospects. The FABIA 1.0 TSI with 70 kW/95 hp prices from 18,140 euros, the Style devices we have actually driven by us has 21,440 euros. Hyundai needs for the i20 1.0 T-GDI 48-V hybrid from 18,920 euros, in N Line equipment from 22,785 euros. With 24,940 euros of the Citroën C3 PureTech 110 Eat6-Wobei, it needs to be kept in mind that this price first consists of the automatic and, second of all, the leading tools Radiate Pack. If you switch on your own by hand-operated six-speed transmission as well as be pleased with the Feeling Load degree, you will certainly be consisted of in the C3 from 20,590 euros.

Citroën C3: In contrast to the competitors, he preserves a much more striking look. AUM/manufacturer

_ Ingo Reuss _.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI: displacement 999 ccm, cyndrical tube 3, power 70 kW/95 hp at 5000-5500 rpm, torque 175 Nm at 1600-3500/ min, hands-on 5-speed transmission, pointer 195 kilometres/ H, 0-100 km/h in 10.6 sec, consumption standard 5.9-4.9 l/100 kilometres, intake examination 6.4 l/100 kilometres, size 4.11 m, size 1.78 m, Elevation 1.48 m, luggage area 380-1190 L, weight 1145-1172 kg, rate from 18,140 euros.

Aesthetically specifically sporty, the Hyundai i20 comes with its N Line devices such as the cultivation set and also the substantial double end pipes of the much stronger N version. The inside likewise offers a sporty impression of red attractive stitching and electronic ads, which, amongst various other points, give info regarding the job of the moderate hybrid.

C3 cabin: The Frenchman is no much longer very fresh, some comfort extras are off. Maker

Hyundai i20: He is the just one of the contrast prospects collaborate with a 48-volt moderate hybrid system. Manufacturer

The i20 can certainly share driving fun, not least because of the engine audio and the well-guided six-speed guidebook transmission. Saving makes it possible for ECO setting that recuperates or sailing energy when you go off the gas.

The power of the engine in the Fabia 1.0 TSI, a three-cylinder as in the 2 rivals and also with the exact same variation as that of the Hyundai i20 could not fairly convince us. Contrasted to the Hyundai-in-Liter, which produces 74 kW/100 hp as well as 172 Newton meters of torque (six-speed equipment) or the C3 commonly lacks via in day-to-day web traffic.

In the large baggage compartment with height-adjustable soil, brace as well as side pocket, the Fabia exemplary 380 litres (Hyundai i20 just fit 262 litres, Citroën C3 300 litres), the optimum of 1190 litres (i20 1075 litres, C3 922 litres). The power of the engine in the Fabia 1.0 TSI, a three-cylinder as in the 2 competitors as well as with the same displacement as that of the Hyundai i20 might not rather encourage us. In certain, the Fabia comes close to habits of the defined suggestion of 195 km/h (C3 193 km/h, i20 188 km/h).

The Citroën C3 can not. He desires to rack up with a trendy style, which additionally consists of color accents. The French undoubtedly put much less value on useful things, as well as the C3 likewise does not have the C3, due to its long service life, existing driving assistants, comfort additionals and also some straightforward remedies, likewise with regard to operation.

The three of the three are practically on parent: 6.2 l/100 kilometres at the Hyundai, which a mild hybrid system aids, 6.4 l/100 kilometres at the Skoda and 6.8 l/100 kilometres at Citroën. Driving cautiously, each of the trio is satisfied with an excellent 5 litres at a distance. By the method: For customers who are seeking a rather more sovereign efficiency at the Fabia, it is advisable to use a six-speed transmission for the faster 110 PS version of the 1.0 TSI (read a driving report right here).

Data sheet.

i20 interior: in N-line devices with sporty feel. An automatic is optionally available. Producer

The Citroën C3, whose 1.2-liter aggregate 81 kW/110 hp and 205 Newton meters, is most mechanized. He is the just of the contrast prospects to take on (six-speed) automatic. The Frenchman does not accelerate as quickly as the 2 challengers _,in 11.2 secs, the speedometer needle moves from 0 to 100 km/h (Fabia 10.6, i20 10.4 secs), yet the C3 leaves a much more elastic impression. The bottom line is that the differences stay minimal. In specific, the Fabia approaches actions of the specified suggestion of 195 km/h (C3 193 km/h, i20 188 km/h).

The Skoda Fabia is still brand-new on the market, adhered to by the also quite fresh Hyundai i20 and the oldest in the trio, the Citroën C3. Has Skoda now succeeded in making the fourth generation of Fabia an all-rounder?

flashy accessories

Hyundai i20 1.0 T-GDI 48V crossbreed: displacement 998 ccm, cylinder 3, power 74 kW/100 hp at 4500/min, torque 172 Nm at 1500-4000 rpm, hands-on 6-speed transmission with digital Registered combining (IMT), suggestion 188 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 10.4 sec, intake standard 5.4 l/100 kilometres, consumption test 6.2 l/100 km, size 4.04 m, Size 1.78 m, height 1.45 m, baggage area 262-1075 L, weight 1165-1275 kg, rate from 18,920 euros.

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