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With a size of 4.69 meters, the brand-new one of its classification identifies between 308 as well as 508 and their by-products, so it has actually left the small section. The front appears specifically striking: the new lion logo design and the daytime running light in the saber tooth look are already known, the developers have added a radiator grille that drizzle a cascade of a car-colored mini components. Matrix LED light illuminates the road for a surcharge.

A Fastback, claims Peugeot, which would have to be equated as inclined back. More details: the 408 blends, as is usual today, the designs of various lorry category. A little limo, a little coupé, inevitably likewise a little SUV, documented by an enhanced seats setting and different robust design aspects.

Bonds on the SUV: durable plankings, huge rear diffuser, increased ground clearance. Maker

For the 4 there was no more any type of space at Peugeot: 208/2008, 308/3008 and 508/5008, the common series are counted. The gap in between remains in early 2023: six years after the end of the SUV coupé 4008, whose technical basis of the Mitsubishi ASX has delivered, the French introduced the new 408.

The enormous, diffuser-like final element on the rear shows up not fairly as effective, and it would have been a lot more beautiful here, but must not be fixing expenses regarding be heard.

i-cockpit with i-toggles

Any individual who has their issues with the Peugeot-typical I-Cockpit will sigh, the various other and also Peugeot employer Linda Jackson, provide the majority to happiness, since the 408 additionally offers the combination of a tiny guiding wheel, digital vehicle driver strumentarium (In the leading version GT on request with 3D screen) and sensitive to touch, ten-inch display, functional as you understand it from the tablet, by cleaning and touchens. Among them, the indoor developers have actually placed a number of I-Toggles, these are level touch switches that can be individually inhabited and also cause the food selections of air radio, conditioning or telephone.

The wheelbase of 2.79 meters suggests little area in the inside, a very first sitting examination in the 408 confirms this. Just larger-grown amongst the backbenchers might battle something with the minimal headroom, the downside of the stylish roof covering. View of the trunk: it raises very decent 536 to 1611 liters, the terminal wagon welcomes, also if the loading edge is higher because of the style.

I-Cockpit: comparable to that of the Peugeot 308. Supplier

likewise with night vision system

When he comes: Orderable from autumn 2022, first distribution from January 2023.

no diesel

A Fastback, states Peugeot, which would certainly have to be translated as inclined rear. Extra details: the 408 mixes, as is typical today, the styles of various automobile genera. The wheelbase of 2.79 meters suggests little space in the interior, a first resting test in the 408 confirms this. The basic work does a 1.2-l-three-cylinder gasoline engine with 95 kW/130 hp, or else it is partially electric, especially in the form of two plug-in crossbreeds, which an electric motor (81 kW/110 hp) and an optional 132 Chanery kW/180 hp or 110 kW/150 hp 1.6-l-four-cylinder. Peugeot approximates the battery ability at 12.3 kWh, loaded, either with a 3.7 kW onboard battery charger or-then optional 7.4 kW system.

In the 408, switching work always decreases an eight-speed automatic (EAT8).

What it sets you back: not yet recognized.

What drives it: 1.2-l three-cylinder fuel engine with 95 kW/130 hp, plug-in hybrid systems with 81 kW/110 hp electric motor and 1.6-l-four-cylinder petrol engine (132 kW/180 hp or 110 kW/150 hp).

_ Ulla Ellmer _.

Peugeot 408 shortly: .

Along with five travelers, Peugeot provides up to 30 driving assistants a ride, from the flexible temm with stop-and-go function to the Evening Vision, which is readily available a little later, that in the occasion of dark or poor exposure pedestrians in up to 200 Meters before the car identifies and imagined through an infrared display screen in the digital instrument collection.

The basic job does a 1.2-l-three-cylinder petrol engine with 95 kW/130 hp, otherwise it is partially electrical, particularly in the kind of 2 plug-in crossbreeds, which an electrical motor (81 kW/110 hp) and an optional 132 Chanery kW/180 hp or 110 kW/150 hp 1.6-l-four-cylinder. The drive forces are transferred to the front wheels, all-wheel drive is not planned according to the current state of affairs. Peugeot estimates the battery capability at 12.3 kWh, packed, either with a 3.7 kW onboard battery charger or-then optional 7.4 kW system.

Eye-catcher: The edges of the approximately 20-inch wheels.

Peugeot opens the order books from fall, and first distribution of the 408 are to happen in very early 2023. Purchase conditions have actually not yet been understood, but an entry price of around 35,000 euros is to be expected.

What still complies with: a purely electrical variant during 2023.

That he is targeting: No direct competitors, probably Renault Arkana or Citroën C5 X.

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