Sun. May 28th, 2023

At the end of June of in 2015 as well as just three years after its development, the South Korean development studio Lionheart introduced the commercial version of its MMORPG Odin: Valhalla Increasing in South Korea. And the game swiftly satisfied with a strong success, both critical and also preferred: Odin is the very first mobile video game to have actually gotten thegrand Prix du game Orientalfor its technical awareness and as quickly as it was launched, the title was placed in the trio head of the most preferred mobile games in Coré (completing with the unsurpassable lineage of ncsoft ), up until generating a turn over matching to 370 million euros in the initial six months of its exploitation.


As we understand, Odin: Valhalla Climbing is released by Kakao Games and also extremely early, the publisher regarded the potential of the Lionheart workshop. In August 2018, a few months after the development of Lionheart, Kakao Games was already investing 5 billion won (3.7 million euros) in the designer’s resources to pay for 8.3% of its shares. Kakao Games and also its subsidiary Kakao Games Europe have progressively increased these purchases and also today, the Korean team announces that it has actually invested the trifle of 1204 billion won (even more than 890.9 million euros) for S ‘This time around offer 30.37% of the designer’s shares and thus hold a total of 54.95% of its resources to take control of the workshop.

To better take the action of the operation, we see that complying with the procurement, Lionheart is currently valued at 3,960 billion won when the securities market appraisal of its customer Kakao Games is only of 3860 billion wons (2, 9 billion euros). The financial investment is as a result significant, specifically because it is based specifically on the sustainability of Odin’s success.
As well as to ensure the development of the video game, the leaders of Kakao Games and also Lionheart specify that their rapprochement should make it possible to proceed the exploitation of Odin in Korea, however also and most importantly to guarantee its global launch, particularly in the West via Kakao Games Europe.

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