Sun. May 28th, 2023

3D action RPG for PS4/Nintendo Switch/Steam Made-in Abyss Aiming for Darkness for PS4/Nintendo Switch. Famitsu DX Pack, which enclosed luxurious goods in this work, was announced.

In addition to the drawn B2 tapestry and bandage set in the set, Nanachi Face Die Cut Cushion drawn by Okawa Bukubu is included. On the front side, while Nana-face, the back is printed with a desperate look. Both Nanachi are cute…

In addition, the Plus Casketle Set also comes with a special skitt with the illustration of Bondold’s daughter, Plushka. The textbook Don’t Spill Me (don’t spill me) is also planned, and it is an item that is too difficult.

enclosed goods list

Downed B2 tapestry

Nanachi Face Dai-Cut Cushion drawn by Mr. Okawa Bukubu

Conaders set

Plushka Design Skitle

Made-in-Abyss Fan-in-Famitsu DX Pack aiming for darkness will be released on September 1, 2022. We have already started accepting reservations on the EC site Ebiten. The price is 16,170 yen (excluding tax).

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