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If you are interested in how to download and install Stalker anomaly, it’s simple. In fact, Stalker Anomaly is one of the simplest Stalker modifications that players can install and play. The first step requires you to visit the fashion page and load the mod. But before loading Stalker Anomaly, make sure that you have at least 8.8 GB free space, since at least 8.8 GB of free space will be required to install mod.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you have a little more than 8 GB of free space if you need any other mods and additions to Stalker Anomaly. In addition to the fact that you have enough space, you will also want to download the program for opening zip files . We recommend using 7zip, as it is free and easy to use. When you have 7ZIP, you are ready to start downloading and installing Stalker Anomaly on your computer.

How to download Stalker Anomaly


To download Stalker Anomaly to your computer, you must download the full mod from the Moddb page. Mod is a separate game and includes all the files from the base game Stalker necessary for launching. Because of this, you do not need the main Stalker games to play Staker Anomaly.

How to install a stalker anomaly

As soon as you download the Stalker Anomaly, the process of installing the mod will be simple. Use 7zip to open the file as an archive, and then send the contents of the mod to the folder with the name Stalker Anomaly. Create this folder by clicking on the right button on the hard drive and pointing the cursor on new option. In the News section, you can create a new folder when the folder is created, rename it to Stalker Anomaly and send the contents of the mod archive to it. After sending the contents of the ZIP file of the mod to the folder, similar to the one indicated above, you can start playing the Stalker Anomaly, clicking the Anomaly icon. Luncher.exe . When the launcher starts, just click Play, and the game will start.

What is an anomaly stalker?

Stalker Anomaly is a separate game with mods that includes all three cards from the Stalker series. Mod also provides a fractional war, plot quests and a mass of content for fans of the Stalker series, in which they can plunge.

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