Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Strength was certain in the announced Frank meeting (Monday version): Area 1 to 6 is already our goal, announced Frank Kramer’s successor prior to the East Westphalia started on Saturday (1 p.m.) in Sandhausen. The greater the much better.

SPECIALTY: You can not appear of your knee on hell

The excellent ambience in the preparation is also in charge of his evaluation, and Strong suit is essential for a good working ambience. There is no guarantee, but with an excellent state of mind there are rather favorable outcomes, he said. I have a great sensation that it works at the minute.

_ Checking out in a meeting with Uli Specialty in the Monday version (below as an emagazine), which impressions of the Bielefeld instructor of Germany got, which system he likes and why he selected DSC symbol Fabian Klos as captain. _.

In order to understand the direct return, the indigenous Italian, that expanded up in Switzerland as well as has actually only functioned there, would such as to have his team played as contemporary, grippy and dominant. I like it when there is something going on the square. We have to take control of the scepter. Nonetheless, it is additionally essential to keep a specific equilibrium: You should not come out of your knee on hell. We are dealing with it and we are on the ideal track.

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