Sun. May 28th, 2023

The last group video game is on the program for the German team on Saturday (9 p.m.), the group victory is already certain. Even if MVT might not belong to the exercises in London Brentford on Thursday, she should be back on the sidelines after the defense versus Finland in Milton Keynes. She looked better once more at lunch. We will obtain her to be able to play, joked DFB spokeswoman Annette Seitz.

Her team had won the 2nd victory in 2-0 against Spain and also delivered a solid efficiency. We began with a high pushing as well as made a goal directly, that was wonderful. And we had determined to utilize criteria, commended the national instructor. And also when the rounds come such as this, you just have a couple of header beasts in your group. We revealed strength as well as compensated ourselves. It’s simply excellent that it worked tactically.

The somewhat battered Lina Magull (upper leg) was also missing in the system and also instead trained in the weight space. Sydney Lohmann (knee issues) finished a specific program after the missed out on Spain video game.

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