Sun. May 28th, 2023

The LCK released a notice regarding the ‘2 set rune bug, 3 set bang cool-time bug’ that occurred in the match between T1 and Hanwha Life Insurance on the 13th.

On the 14th, the LCK explained the situation in detail through a notice. As for the rune setting bug that occurred in the 2nd set, ‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyeong requested a fuzz, and as a result of the review, it was confirmed that the rune setting was incorrect due to an actual system error.

However, the game was decided to continue because there was a fuzz after the ‘Game of Recrod’ point. The contents of the record game described in the 2022 LCK rulebook are as follows.

# 2022 LCK Rulebook 8.2 Record Game

-Record game refers to a game in which all 10 players have been loaded and a meaningful battle occurs between competing teams. From the moment the match is judged as a record game, replays are permitted only under limited tides (see 8.4). It is recognized as a record game when the following conditions are met.

-8.2.1 Basic attacks and skills hitting minions, jungle monsters, turrets, and enemy champions.

-8.2.2 When a line of sight is established between players of the opposing team.

-8.2.3 Entering the opposing team’s jungle, gaining sight, or firing a skill attack (including crossing a river or entering a brush connected to the opposing team’s jungle).

-8.2.4 When the in-game timer reaches 2 minutes.

According to the LCK, an immediate replay with all settings maintained is not possible after the time of the record game, and replays with chrono break and all settings are allowed only under limited conditions. Meanwhile, a series of checklists are carried out before the start of the game, and as rune setting errors have occurred frequently recently, he said that if a bug occurs, appropriate action will be taken immediately if it is notified to the referee after the game starts.


He explained that the record game conditions had already been established at the time the fuzz occurred, and the rune setting bug could not be resolved even with Chrono Break, and that the decision to replay was not made, judging that it was not a fatal reason to the extent that the game could not be continued.

The bash bug that occurred in the 3rd set is a phenomenon in which the cooldown of bang, which should be 75 seconds, is applied to 15 seconds. At that time, when Hanwha Life Esports player ‘On Flick’ Kim Jang-gyeom expressed his doubts, the coaches heard the voice and reported the situation to the umpire. T1’s ‘owner’ Hyun-jun Moon also mentioned the possibility of a bug, but explained that there was no official fuzz request.

Concerning that the preemptive fuzz of the referee would have an unintended effect on the game, we took time to check the actual game video and then proceeded with the fuzz on our own. After that, it was confirmed that there was no cause attributable to the team or players, and since it was an issue that could be resolved with Chrono Break, it was announced that Chrono Break was applied before the time of the bug.

LCK apologized, We will work hard for smooth operation in the future. We once again apologize to the players and officials of both teams, viewers, and fans who came to the site for any inconvenience caused by the poor process.

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