Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

On Monday, Kostic waves1 reported that Kostic can visualize a contract extension by 2026. The Austrian emphasized that Kostic really feels good at the Europa Organization victor. According to Hesse Kostic waves1, Kostic waves an income increase.

The Austrian stressed that Kostic feels proficient at the Europa League victor. Filip significantly appreciates what significance he has below. He additionally did difficult times below, he didn’t forget that, said Glasner: My feeling is based upon such stories. I can not rule out that it is going. My feeling says me that he will certainly play numerous video games for Eintracht..

On Monday, Kostic waves1 reported that Kostic can picture an agreement extension by 2026. The current functioning paper is just dated up until 2023. Previously, Kostic was traded at Juventus Turin. The Italian document champ has actually now caught Ángel di María.

At Eintracht Frankfurt, those accountable hope that Kostic will select to remain and also a change at the end of the day.

Does Filip Kostic stay with Eintracht Frankfurt? After the left wing has actually been again connected with an action to Italy in the previous few weeks as well as months, the Serb needs to now see its future at Eintracht Frankfurt.

I offered him suggestions: Even if you remain with Eintracht, you will certainly have cozy food 3 times a day, SGE train Oliver Glasner is priced estimate from Bild: He has uncertainties regarding that….

The Kostic wavesing future of Filip Kostic at Eintracht Frankfurt has not yet been ultimately cleared up, however the wing gamer’s whereabouts is currently being gotten. SGE trainer Oliver Glasner has actually currently taken a position on the interesting personnel.

According to Hesse Kostic waves1, Kostic waves a salary boost. According to the television station, the 29-year-old ought to get five million euros a year in case of a trademark. Much, the SGE celebrity allegedly only 3.8 million euros per season.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Glasner counts on Kostic keep.

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